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▶ Creepy Irish Creatures

The lore of supernatural beings in Ireland is unlike that of the rest of Europe in one very important respect: spirit powers in the Emerald Isle have been endowed with names and personalities.

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▶ $2000 reward offered for catching vampires

Politicians in India have offered a $2000 reward to anyone who manages to catch a vampire.

While residents of Dharampuri in Tamil Nadu have been staying indoors after dark for fear of attack by blood-sucking assailants, local politicians believe that the stories of vampires in the area have been concocted by criminal gangs as a way to keep people off the streets at night so that they can carry out illegal deliveries of bootleg alcohol. “It is a big hoax,” said politician O. Jayaraman. “Since people are not willing to believe us, we have challenged them with this reward.”

Although vampires are usually associated with Western mythology, many believe the stories have their roots in Asia and were carried along the silk route to Europe.

▶ Dearg-Due

The dearg-due is known by several names including dearg-dul, dearg-dur, dearg-dililat and dearg-diulai. There have been several translations of the name to English, including “red blood sucker” and “drinker of human blood”. Whichever name and translation is correct, one thing is known - this Irish vampire dates back to pre-Celtic days.

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▶ Kuntilanak

From Indonesian mythology, the Kuntilanak are the spirits of ladies who died during child-birth, and became undead. Kuntilanak are said to scare people (mostly men), and then rip out their internal organs for feeding with their claws. In the case of men that the Kuntilanak knew when they were alive (who abused, or otherwise betrayed them), they are said to remove the man’s genitalia with their bare hands (Ouch!!). They are much like vampires; however, they do what they do more out of vengeance, rather than necessity or sustenance. It’s also hard to judge just how far away from you they are; usually, a loud cry means the Kuntilanak is far away, whereas a soft cry signifies that the kuntilanak is nearby. It is also said that a faint floral fragrance is detected upon first seeing it, however, the fragrance changes to something rotten after a short period of time. It would  look  like sadako from the ring. A tall woman with long hair covering it snow white face (sometimes it face is so horribly rotten) and wearing long white robe, covering its feet. Kuntilanak are believed to live in banana trees, a possible phallic-/fertility-reference.

▶ The Blood Countess of Transylvania

Countess of Transylvania, vampire: Born 1560/61; died, August 21, 1614.

In order to improve her complexion and also to maintain her failing grasp on her youth and vitality, she slaughtered six hundred innocent young women from her tiny mountain principality.

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The Danag

In the Philippines, there is a creature similar to the vampire, which is the danag. The danag is an ancient species that worked along side humans for centuries. In folklore, it is also known for being the first people to plant something we call taro. They were a versatile race. They never fought or got into trouble. However, the legend goes that humans lost respect for the danags when a human woman cut her finger and the danag sucked it. However, blinded by the taste, the danag sucked her body clean of blood, in result killing here.

Nowadays, there’s a tribe in the Philippines known as the Beberlangs. They currently practice a form of psychic vampirism. Supposedly, they send out their astral bodies to feed on the vitality and life forces of humans. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Well thank you for sharing that with me, that was interesting! I enjoyed reading that. 7/10 for scares and thanks very much for sharing!  

▶ Black-Eyed People

Black-Eyed People (sometimes called Black Eyed Children) are young people, often children, with eyes that are solid black and no differentiation between sclera, pupil, or iris. Those who report encounters with them often feel that the children were somehow supernatural and very dangerous.

Often, the reports talk of a meeting with one or two unusually confident and eloquent children who attempt to talk the victim into letting them into their house to use a telephone, to be safe from something, or often try to talk someone into giving them a ride home. Often, people begin to agree to their requests, even though they will be vaguely unsettling, until it is realized that their eyes are completely black. As soon as they can tell, the children become very angry and insistent. Some people who have encountered black-eyed people feel that the children may have been using some form of low-level mind control to get them to comply.

Experiences involving the black-eyed people generally do not explain the cause of the children’s eye color or the origins of the children themselves. Some imply they could be ghosts or demons, specifically vampires: the encounters frequently emphasize that the children must be voluntarily admitted or invited into the house or car in question, and in this way are reminiscent of some vampire legends.

▶ Vampire squid

The vampire squid, known to scientists as Vampyroteuthis infernalis, looks more like something that swam out of a late-night science fiction movie. The squid has large fins at the to of its body that resemble large ears. It is very gelatinous in form, resembling a jellyfish more than the common squid. The vampire squid has the largest eyes of any animal. It is a small animal, growing to a length of about six inches, bit it has globular eyeballs as large as the eyes of a large dog. The vampire squid’s body is covered with light-producing organs called photophores. This gives the squid the unique ability to “turn itself on or off” at will. When the photophores are off, the squid is completely invisible in the dark waters where it lives. These squid live as deep as 3000 feet. Unlike other squid and octopi, the vampire squid has no ink sack. The vampire squid’s arms are covered with sharp tooth-like spikes. This gives the animal its name. One pair of arms has been modified into retractile filaments that can extend to twice the body length of the animal. The squid may use these arms to capture its prey. When threatened, the squid can draw its arms up over itself and form a defensive web that covers its body. The vampire squid can swim extremely fast for a gelatinous animal. It can reach a speed of 2 body lengths per second and can accelerate to this speed in only 5 seconds. If danger is present, it can make several quick turns in an attempt to escape its enemies. The vampire squid is found throughout the world in most tropical and temperate regions. 

▶ The Highgate Vampire

Highgate Cemetery was constructed in 1839 and it was a very fashionable burial place for Victorians. By the 1960’s Highgate Cemetery had fallen into neglect and decay. Stories started circulating that the cemetery was haunted and newspapers started reporting England’s first Vampire in over a hundred years.

In 1963 two 16 year old convent girls were walking home at night after having visited friends in Highgate Village. Their return journey took them down Swain’s Lane past the cemetery. They could not believe their eyes as they passed the graveyard’s north gate at the top of the lane, for in front of them, bodies appeared to be emerging from their tombs.

Another incident, some weeks later, involved a couple who were also walking down Swains lane. The lady recorded glimpsing something hideous hovering behind the gate’s iron railings. Her fiance also saw it, and both stood frozen staring at it for what seemed like several minutes. Its face bore an expression of absolute horror.

Soon others sighted the same phantom as it hovered along the path behind the gate where gravestones are visible either side until consumed in darkness. Some who actually witnessed the spectral figure wrote to their local newspaper to share their experience. Discoveries were made of animal carcasses drained of blood. Very soon it was being described as a vampire.

In 1971 several years after the many publicised vampire sightings, a young girl claims she was actually attacked by the vampire in the lane outside the cemetery. She was returning home in the early hours of the morning when she was suddenly thrown to the ground with tremendous force by a “tall black figure with a deathly white face. At that moment a car stopped to help her and the vampire “vanished” in the glare of the headlamps.

She was taken to the police station in a state of shock, luckily only suffering abrasions to her arms and legs. The police immediately made a thorough search of the area, but could offer no explanation to the incident. More mysterious still was the fact that where the vampire vanished, the road was lined by 12ft walls.

Another interesting case is that of the man who was hypnotised by something in the cemetery. He had gone into the cemetery one evening to look around, and as the light began to rapidly fade he decided to leave, but became hopelessly lost. Not being a superstitious person he walked calmly around looking for the gate when suddenly he became aware of something behind him. Swinging around he became “hypnotised with fear” at the tall dark figure of the vampire confronted him. So great was the intensity of his fear that he stood motionless for several minutes after the vampire vanished. He later recalled that it was almost as if he had been paralysed with fear by some force.