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Ouija Spirit Knows Too Much

This is going to be another one of those Ouija board stories. This happened to my brother, but it includes me. He doesn’t have a tumblr so I figured I’d submit it. I’m leaving out names so some of the dialogue will be changed to implement that.

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The New House

My entire life I’ve dealt with ghosts and things. When I was really young my mother bought me this really nice doll house, the only thing was that the doors and windows used to open and close by themselves, which was not a feature of the toy.

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Cemetery Fright

I seem to be a paranormal magnet. I constantly have random, weird happenings. But one of them really scared me more than the others.

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Mother’s Story2: Alone with her first child(my oldest brother), about 20 years ago.

My mom was in her room at her mother’s house when she was around her early 20’s. Her son was in the other room, so she was alone. While she was just relaxing on a regular day, she heard screeching noises, high-pitched voices, and just a lot of other ones all combined. It was her father in his car and the noises were coming from him. She was scared, and started praying to God for it to stop. But she heard of an EXTREMELY deep voice that said, “Cut that out, ——.” I actually don’t know how to spell it, but the pronunciations were BEE-THAH. My mother was given that nickname by her father. My mom stopped abruptly and ran to the room of D, which is her son.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: Wow, 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.


Mother’s: Door Figure, 10-11 years ago.

Some stories my mom told me about her personal experiences was one at the house I lived in, the same one I saw the two little dead girls. Throughout my mom’s entire life things like this have happened to her. Anyway, she was up in her room late at night with the lights off at the front of our house and she saw something tall and big walk back and forth by her door. It was a man in a coat. But the thing was… he had no head. He walked back and forth by her bedroom door and she was just freaked out. When she told her close childhood friend, T, T said that she researched that apartment and said a man’s head was found in her bedroom closet and my mom immediately got some blessing oil days later and started putting them on our walls and door frames, praying. But that didn’t make the events stop.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.


The String Man

This is true all happened to myself. I’m sorry if it is too long I will cut things out and make it shorter :)

Since I was young I use to have a lot of paranormal stuff happen to me. The earliest one I can remember was in my childhood home something was in our attic. I never went up there but, I would hear it, it would sometimes run back and forth from the spare room to the master bedroom but the thing is the attics didn’t meet up.

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My Story: The Closet, 10-11 years ago

This was memory I recall very clearly when I was 5. Two of my youngest brothers (they’re older than me, though) slept in the same bedroom with me and my older sister. My sis and I slept in one bed and my other brothers slept in their own. My oldest brother slept in another room and the second oldest, in his own as well. One night we all went to sleep, but I always have a bad time sleeping when something isn’t right or when I’m not comfortable. So of course, this wasn’t my night. I woke up in the middle of the night in such panic, with everyone asleep. I looked around at my brothers and sister sleeping and my eyes happened to fall over to the closet door, opened. I could have sworn we always closed the closet doors and kept the hallway light on before we went to bed. What I saw in the closet were two little girls, probably 7 and 8, hanging in my sister’s dress and mine. They were staring directly at me. Their faces had scars and it rather reminded me of the exorcist chick, although I had no idea what the exorcist chick was until I was 8. They had no emotions shown in their face, just plain dead. I stared for quite a long time. I wanted to cry, but it was as if I couldn’t look away. I finally did and began shaking my sister awake, but she wouldn’t even stir. I looked back at the closest and they were still there. I closed my eyes. Still there. I was totally scared crap-less and scooted over closer to my sister and put the covers over my head and fell asleep after a long time. I still remember those faces clearly.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: Yeeek that’s creepy. 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

Miranda submitted:

The haunting

I was like 5 years old and this happened for 7 years till we moved out. The first time we moved in, nothing really happened. The second night, I saw this guy wearing one of those scientists jackets . He had on glasses and a mustache and he smelled like mushrooms . I thought it was my imagination but it wasn’t he tried to touch my face but I yelled my 2 sisters woke up and they didn’t see anything. my mom gave me water and went back to sleep. My neighbors kept hearing footsteps from our house & dogs when we weren’t home but we didn’t even have animals. My mom told my landlord if anything happened in our house and she said an old guy used to leave here and he died in my sisters room . We decided to move out because it also caused badluck. Ever since we moved out, we heard some new people moved in but they kept feeling someone was watching them so they moved out. No one ever did live in that house ever again. Our new house is better than the old one and that’s all …

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

We are Moving after this

My husband and I have been in our little apartment for almost two years now.  It’s super cozy, and just what newlyweds need. 

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Anon Submitted:
Train Boy

This story is more unexplainable and strange than scary, but I thought you might enjoy it. 

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The Hidden Door

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts that had a lot of old houses from the colonial period. One of my childhood friends happened to live on those houses, just down the road from the town cemetery. My friend’s house, while very colonial looking on the outside, had a lot of renovations so the interior was pretty modern. One of these renovations had the attic re-purposed into a playroom/guest room, where we would usually sleep during sleepovers.

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moopflops submitted:

Haunting at the old Strawberry Farm

Well I have a bit of a story, it takes some explaining. It’s more interesting than creepy I suppose.

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theflintstoners submitted:


So, a few years ago, I was babysitting a neighbour’s son while she worked each day during my spring break. He had gone on a trip across Canada before then, he was exhausted, and was asleep upstairs.

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An Alabaman man

So this happened the summer before my sophomore year of high school.

Pretty much all of my life I’ve been able to sense things and freshman year I got really into meditation which really strengthened this for me. That summer I went to Alabama for a family reunion and I was allowed to bring a friend. The air conditioning sucked so my mom and aunt slept downstairs in an extra room while my friend and I got a room upstairs. We were up late one night talking about the paranormal and swapping ghost stories and the air in the room kept getting more and more tense until finally I heard a blast of white noise in my right ear. I checked all possible explanations (radio, iPod, etc.) but no dice and plus I was picking up on a very old soul. Now none of this was seen but instead felt/sensed.

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femme-fatalite submitted:

Shadow in the Chair

Last night I was in my bathroom, washing my face before bed.  The door was open; I like to avoid closing it if possible while people are sleeping, as the less noise, the better.  I was just drying off my face when I heard a very strange noise, like a man groaning and talking all at the same time.  It didn’t sound at all like my grandfather, nor did it come from the direction of my grandparents’ room, so I stepped out into the hallway and looked into our living room.

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