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The Teddy Bear

This probably isn’t the scariest story out there, but this is the scariest thing to happen to my friends and I so here we go. I was at the park with two of my friends and my little brother when we noticed a shoe box on top of the platform they use to keep scores for the baseball diamond. As we approached the box, we noticed a teddy bear inside of it. Quite frankly, the bear looked brand new. Not dirty, not ripped, it looked like someone had just bought it. Us being ignorant kids we wondered why someone would leave a perfectly fine teddy bear. We all wanted to keep it, so we divided the time so each of us all got a week with it. The whole time all of us had this bear, it rained.

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Comforting Touch

My great grandparents owned a plot of land in a forested area and had built a tiny cabin there, not big enough for much more than a cot or two, but the loved it, my great grandma especially. When they died they left it to my grandpa who promptly brought a larger trailer up there so staying there could be more comfortable, however my grandpa refused to allow dogs in the trailer. So whenever I went up with my parents, we would keep the dogs in the cabin overnight and one of us would sleep with them.

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My First Cat

Maybe not very scary, but I know there’s a ghost in a house I used to rent with my parents.

Several years ago, I had a cat. He was the first pet I ever owned, and was practically my best friend; he slept on my bed and everything. Despite being a bit of a troublemaker, my parents managed to negotiate with our landlord at the time to keep him. One day, he was bitten by a snake and died while we were trying to get him to the vet. We ended up burying him at home in the garden.

Nothing much happened for several years, but eventually I started noticing a tail vanishing around a corner or something soft brushing on my ankles or legs. A few times I swore I could hear a cat meowing, but we had a lot of strays in the neighborhood so I dismissed it. Sometimes the birds in our backyard would all suddenly fly off inexplicably, and things would fall off of shelves and tables, especially clothing - which was something my cat used to do a lot.

Probably the two most obvious experiences were at night. One time, I got up to get a drink of water when something grabbed my ankle. It scratched me up pretty badly - just like my cat used to do. My Dad said the same thing had happened to him several times when he was up late, and that he was sure something had jumped up on the bed sometimes while he and Mum were sleeping.

Another time, I had some music on while I was doing homework. All of a sudden, my stereo’s volume started turning up, and even when I tried to turn it down it kept going up until I turned it off; when I turned it off all of my pencils fell off of my desk even though they weren’t anywhere near the edges. My cat had often played with the volume dial on the stereo, and more than once had turned it up full-blast by accident and startled himself.

We moved out a few years ago, and my Mum told me yesterday that she had met the person who was now living in the house. She was at the pet shop and was complaining about her dog’s strange behaviour to the cashier - apparently, he would sometimes bark at corners of the house, and had several times seemed to chase something into one of the rooms, only to come running back out whimpering minutes later. Maybe we should have warned her that my cat hated dogs.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: aww that’s actually sweet. 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

The Void House

Years and years ago, my uncle and I went to my cousin’s house to drop something off. It was a few days before Christmas, so they had a tree up in the living room. As soon as I entered, I got the weirdest feeling, like I had never felt before. The hallway was dark too, with her son’s room at the end. As I stood there while they talked, I could not make myself look down the hall or at the tree anymore. For some reason, I felt like I would see a threatening man sitting under it or in the bedroom. It’s really hard to explain, but I saw an image in my mind of a man, completely black with no features or clothes, sitting under the tree. I felt so… off in that house, but the feeling is impossible to explain.

It turns out, my cousin called it the Void House or something similar, and there was always spooky stuff going on. Her son had nightmares and swore he saw something perched on the foot of his bed. She said she saw a woman “teleporting” around the field behind the house at night. Even my uncle, who refuses any sort of supernatural anything, felt really off in the house and wanted out as fast as the rest of us.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: Wow that’s eerie. 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

▶ Don’t Look at the End of the Bed.


About half a year ago I began having quiet a difficult time either falling asleep or staying asleep. Most times, I believed it was due to my hyperactive mind, but as time rolled on, it continued to get worse. Most nights I was lucky to get six hours of sleep before classes. Now, a few weeks after this began, I developed the  idea that it was not a hyper mind that kept me up, but rather the spirit, or rather, spirits in my room.

     From the beginning of moving into the house this happened in, I always felt like something was there, though it was always a benevolent presence and remained so until the end of our two and a half year stay there. However, I would often go to sleep with the sense that someone was watching me and moving around my room. Sometimes I’d hear someone’s footsteps on the carpet or tapping on the various paintings on my walls, but rarely saw anything.

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My boyfriend’s mother had this beautiful house, two stories, overlooking an acre of forrest. One day, my boyfriend and were asked to house sit as his mother, father,  and two sisters were out of town. The house had a reputation of being haunted and the ghost, John, lived in the fireside room downstairs

The day passes with nothing out of ordinary. We have dinner, we water the plants, and then we go and watch a few movies downstairs in the media room which is situated across from the fireside room.

I remember talking to my boyfriend about the ghost and he explained to me that 3AM is the witching or “haunting hour” — the time when we are the most susceptible to witness paranormal activity. 

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▶ Shadow People


My cat stares at nothing quite often, so I’ve never paid anymore attention to it than the occasional glance. Cats are weird, man.

But sometimes its head moved, following something - I’ve always thought a small bug or dust too tiny for me to see - around the room. It freaked me out, especially on the nights I was watching a horror flick. 

It never bothered me more than that. Cats are weird, the sky is blue. It was nothing.

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My story actually begins a little under eight years ago. I was eight, it was summer, and I was just, for the first time in my life, learning about the paranormal through books.

I loved reading, ever since I was a little kid. My Mom would buy books by the dozens for me, and I’d reach each one by the end of the day. Granted, they were little picture books we got at the secondhand store. But still. And books would become my escape.

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▶ Black Cat

I have been told by my grandma, mum and aunt that I grew up in a haunted house but the spirits never really harmed us, they sort of just watched over us.
My grandma told me this story that involved me, as a 3 year old.
As a kid I never knew much, I was delusional to these things. but I do remember this specific story which is odd.
In that house there would always be this black cat with bright red eyes that would give me a visit, the odd this is that it would come for me and no one else. Since I was so young I never really took recognition to the appearance to this cat, I would always feed it milk everyday at the same time, after 2 weeks or so the cat started to get really violent with me, it would scratch me and hiss at me! One day it attacked me so badly that it left a scar on my neck that is still there to this day. My grandma heard my screeching cries and came for my help, she saw the cat with shiny black fur and bright red eyes and looked at it sternly and said “stay away from my granddaughter and don’t you dare come back to this house!” after that day the cat never came back!

As I got older, about the age of 14 now i am 17, I asked my mum if she could explain my scar in a bit more detail, because my grandma never really liked talking about it that much, she told me it was best if I asked my grandma which I did and she finally agreed to tell me and she said “you know the house we lived in was haunted but with good spirits exception to the demon that gave you that scar, it was a demon in shape of an animal, a black cat. This was not hard to figure out cause it has red eyes for god sakes. I was really scared after I found you crying because you got attacked by the cat and that’s the scar, I contacted someone who could help” she told me that she got this man to see the house and cleanse it and he said that the house has a lot of spirits but all good ones except for one bad spirit who can shape it self as an animal, and my grandma never told this man anything, he said that this demon is after a child, which would be me. This scared everyone who lived in that house, and we moved immediately!

My grandma told me that I was really shook by the attack and didn’t talk for weeks, which I don’t remember at all but I do remember the cat vividly! Prior to moving out of the house, my mum was carrying me out of the house and we were with my grandma, my grandma said that she saw a very odd looking shadow in the backyard and immediately she knew it was the bad spirit because it was looked directly at me, we scurried out of that house and never looked back!

I went I visit that house last year,2012, and there are people that live there, and they are the people who lived there after us, they knew about the house before buyin it, they said that they have experienced a lot of stuff but nothing harmed them.
So I guess the cat listened to my grandma and never came back!

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey Answered: I’m glad your grandma was able to rescue you! 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Thirsty

submitted by sunfir3

Anyway about a year and a half ago my friend whom I’ve known since intermediate school had been kicked out of her house. We had graduated high school a few months back so she was without a job, car, or family. 

My family took her in for about a month and during this time we started to experience weird things. One night I had to sleep in our spare bedroom because she snored so badly it was starting to affect our friendship. I went to brush my teeth and I heard the screen door attached to our front door open and close. Now, this isn’t so weird because the wind could have easily done it, what caught my attention was hearing the heavy front door do the same. I thought my friend had left the house. 

So I went to my room where she was in that also is right next to the front door and she was in there laying on the ground texting. I asked her if she had left for a bit and she no, then I asked her if she had heard the front door and she denied it.

There is no way I could have heard it being further away and her not since she was right next to the wall by the door. So I thought I was just imagining things and let it go. I said good night and went to the room across from where she was.

There is a bathroom and a hallway between those rooms then my parents room, then the living room and further down the kitchen. Around 3 I was still awake reading something on my phone when I heard footsteps in the hallway.

I thought it was my mom going to the bathroom only I had never heard her door. Then the footsteps stopped and I sat up in bed trying hard to stay quiet. Then the footsteps started again only they were going to the kitchen.

In the kitchen we had a water dispenser that you pull down to help with the weight of the water jugs. Its this horrible medieval looking thing that squeeks when you pour water. I heard it being shaken in the kitchen. Then I heard the footsteps again.

After a while of just sitting up in bed I opened my door and saw that my moms door was closed and so was the one where my friend was sleeping. How did they get up, move the water, and walk around without opening doors?

 Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey answered: It seems like there was a bit of stress and unrest in your house with your friend being there.  Sometimes stressful situations make paranormal activity worse, especially in poltergeist-type cases. It’s very interesting that she claimed to hear nothing! 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!


I really don’t know how to give a rational explanation for this, and it’s been eating at me for a long time.

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A strange thing happened to me last week. I have this little portable iPod speaker that I use all the time. That day, I had it running on top of my dresser. I paused my iPod, and went to go grab something to eat real quick. Came back about 10 minutes later, and it was gone. It took 4 days for me to find it. It was tucked way behind an old Patti Playpal doll in a hard-to-reach corner at the end of my bed.

But it was only the speaker. It took me another 2 days to find the cable for it. It was on the other side of my room, allll the way under my desk. I was the only one home that day it went missing.

This kind of thing keeps happening. Whatever’s there really likes hiding my stuff when I leave the room for a moment.

I also frequently and clearly see a shadow pass behind me in the reflection of my computer screen, piano, or TV. I guess it thinks I’m not looking.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: Ah that is strange, especially that your stuff goes missing. I’ve had them move things but never hide them. 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!


Happy Hauntings

For as long as I can remember, my maternal side of the family has told me we were all gifted, as long as we open up to it. There are crazy stories of my aunt knowing when my mom was in a near fatal crash, and when I could physically feel when my sister was in a car wreck herself. But I never really understood what they meant until I was older. 

When I was thirteen my grandfather passed. I was at his home after the funeral staying with my grandmother. I stayed with her for a week. Every night I heard shuffling footsteps that would come in and out of my room, and often whatever was walking would come and sit at the edge of my bed (my grandfather often did that when he was alive). When it would leave, I would go and check on my mom and grandmother, and they would both be asleep. I also noticed that every time I would hear the steps, I would also hear one of the many music boxes he had. And when it would leave, the music would stop. My grandmother has since moved from the house, but my mother confirmed that she too had the same experiences. 

I’ve had many since then. That one was most likely the least frightening of them all, however, it was the beginning of many more that I would encounter, even to this day. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ The Maid


I didn’t experience the stories I keep myself, but I’ve heard them from about 4 different people who were said to expirience it together or just passing them down, some of them seem pretty unbelievable but I’ve heard it from 4 people so I don’t know what to think. I first heard it from my mother, then I asked my great-uncle, then my grandmother, then my great-grandmother (the mother of my great-uncle and grandmother). I don’t think this is a frightening story but it has no explanation and maybe someone will see this and give me one. The location where this takes place is in a town called Chinique, its in the city of Quiche, Guatemala. My great-grandfather was said to be particularly wealthy compared to most in the town, so he had a maid for he and my great-grandmother. Every morning the food they had would disappear, some crumbs here and there but they had to buy food or kill their farm animals everyday because of this.

Thinking a homeless person snuck in to eat their food, my great-grandfather stayed up to see for himself. In the middle of the night he heard something so he got out of his room and saw a pig eating all the food. He thought, “maybe I can kill it and we can eat it for tomorrow since we have no food again,” and he brought it to one of those fenced areas where he kept animals. The next morning he went to go get the pig, it was gone and in its place was the maid sleeping. I don’t know how a person could turn into a pig or if that’s what happened but there’s many unexplained things in this world.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: I’m actually not entirely sure what that could be- aside from thinking the usual “shape shifter”. Its def  weird as hell though. 4/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

▶ 15 minutes more


I haven’t had too many paranormal things happen to me, but this is the one I remember best:

I live in Argentina, and over here there’s this sort of home-made Ouija board- like game called “el juego de la copa” (literally ‘the cup game’, even tho it’s played with a glass)…. You play it by writing down the whole alphabet and yes/no/hello/goodbye in paper strips and lay them down on the floor or table, then you use a glass cup, the kind that have a base and support- think of a wine cup, but it’d provably be best to use one with a narrower mouth… everyone puts their fingers on the upside-down glass’ support and make circles with the cup in between the letters/commands until you start getting an answer.

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