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One of the ghost stories that I was told when I went to a boarding school is about this girl who went to common room in the middle of the night to study.

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▶ How To Find Out If Your School is Haunted

HAVE YOU HEARD that your school is haunted? Have fellow students or even teachers admitted that they have encountered strange activity, such as doors opening and closing on their own, lights going on and off, disembodied footsteps or voices, phantom music, or maybe even an apparition? Perhaps you’ve experienced something unusual yourself. Here are some ways you can find out if your school is haunted.

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▶ The Manhole

There was a girl called Mayumi.
One day when she was walking towards the school, she caught sight of another girl ahead on the street wearing the same school uniform as her. The girl was her classmate, and was often the target of bullying in the class.

Bullying could often get extreme at an all-girls school likeMayumi’s.
Sometimes her classmates just ignored the girl, and at other times they would do things like putting used sanitary items on the girl’s desk. The teachers knew about the bullying but pretended they didn’t see it.

Mayumi had no particular feelings towards the girl, but she didn’t dare to be the odd one out and so bullied the girl along with the rest of the class. She remembered saying some cruel things to the girl.

Mayumi got closer and noticed the girl was looking very happy. And somehow she kept jumping at the same spot. Mayumi was puzzled. The spot where she was jumping on was a manhole. Why was she jumping like that, smiling like mad?
"Nine, nine, nine, nine…." The girl kept muttering while she jumped.
"What are you doing?" Mayumi asked the girl.
But the girl didn’t answer and just went on muttering, “nine, nine, nine, nine….”
"Hey! Don’t you ignore me!" Mayumi said with more heat in her voice.
But still the girl said nothing.

Until that moment, Mayumi never despised the girl like the others did, but what with the girl enjoying all by herself and ignoring her completely, a sudden feeling of anger welled up in her.
"Why the hell are you doing that?"She asked once again. But the girl went on jumping happily as before, as if she hadn’t heard Mayumi’s outburst.

Then suddenly a strange idea occurred to Mayumi that maybe this “jumping on the manhole as you say numbers” is a very wonderful and interesting thing to do.
It was a stupid idea, Mayumi knew. She felt confused about her feelings, and at the same time, found herself wanting to make the girl stop what she was doing.Mayumi somehow couldn’t accept that someone like her was enjoying herself in that way.

"Move! I’ll try that myself!" Mayumi said, and pushing the girl away, stood on the manhole herself.

Mayumi bent her knees well before making a big jump. At the exact moment, the girl who had been pushed away, quickly, and using all her strength, removed the lid of the manhole. Mayumi fell right into it.

The girl put the lid back on. And smiling with satisfaction, she started jumping again, this time muttering, “ten, ten, ten, ten….”

forever-just-taylor submitted:

When I was a young child everyone at elementary school swore it was haunted. It probably was everyone had an experience or two to talk about. I had several. For whatever reason the ghosts liked me. The most haunted spot ( or so everyone though) Was the boiler room and the girls bathroom across from it. Me and my friend where using the bathroom once and the light turned off. We were in an after school program so we knew that only 2 could leave at a time so we freaked out. They turned back on a few seconds later and we ran to was our hands. I foolishly looked up into the mirror and saw a dark figure walk behind us. I screamed so my friend looked up and saw it to. We bolted out of there as quick as possible.

We went back into the gym practically crying and just kind of stayed by the door all night. A hour or so later I begin to feel a bit creeped out again. Then the hair on the back of my neck stood up. I heard my friend whimper. Iook over an the dark figure was there. It didn’t just disappear when I looked away, it kept walking. It didn’t seem afraid of us. It seemed bad, like it brought an evil presence. A few other people say they saw it but the way they described it seemed fake to me.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Omg haunted schools are always freaky lol, I’ll give the scares 7/10. Thanks for sharing.