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The String Man

This is true all happened to myself. I’m sorry if it is too long I will cut things out and make it shorter :)

Since I was young I use to have a lot of paranormal stuff happen to me. The earliest one I can remember was in my childhood home something was in our attic. I never went up there but, I would hear it, it would sometimes run back and forth from the spare room to the master bedroom but the thing is the attics didn’t meet up.

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My experiences

Well my experiences are quite wide, i’ve always been susceptive to the ‘paranormal’ ever since i was little you know hearing footsteps upstairs whilst downstairs, going along the corridor and up and down whilst in my bedroom.

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Mom’s haunting

My mother told me everything i’m about to share with you, this is from her child hood and her house growing up. I’ve had experiences with me and i told her about them, so she decided to share hers with me. She lived in Ohio growing up, in a house with her 3 siblings and her parents. Her room was the attic. She also had a music box hanging with a pull string to play, she said it would always randomly go off by itself.

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▶ The Butler Street Poltergeist

On Butler Street in Springfield, Massachusetts in January 1959, 80 year old Mrs. Charles Papineau and her 13 year old grandson, Wayne, were terrified when the house’s windows suddenly started shattering without an apparent cause.

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graveyardmesh submitted:


The Basement

When I was 9 years old my mom would always drop my brother, cousins, and I off at my granny’s house. Being the only female I always spent time with my granny upstairs in the kitchen while the boys hung out in the basement.

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I was told this story by my grandpa’s brother. When both my grandpa, his brother and 3 of their other brothers lived in their hometown in Mexico as children, they lived in this somewhat unstable house.

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Mysterious Grasp

I can’t remember exactly how old I was when this happened. I’d say it happened nearly 10 years ago during my early teen years. My parents were out and so was my eldest sister.

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The Missing Lanyard

There is no particular story, but I’ve seen a few strange things in my house that make me wonder if it’s haunted. For example, I’ve caught glimpses of a white dog and heard voices. One time I heard voices from the basement, and I stood there, listening, for two minutes before opening the door, and of course, the sound stopped instantly. I’ve also heard old-fashioned music coming from the vents in my bathroom when no one could have been listening to it in the house. There are a few particular instances that stick out, though.

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Anon Submitted 

I’m a homeschooled kid and my family moved into a new place in August. Because the roof of my trailer is metal, the slightest tap sounds like someone’s banging on it with a baseball bat. All day long I hear very loud banging but I’m the only one home. My mom told me when we first moved in that the woman who used to live here died, she was an alcoholic and there are large alcohol stains on the floor.
Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.
The Wall

My father had told me about when he had moved into a new house when he was a small child he always felt as if something was watching him. Being a young child and all, he wanted to explore around the house and the basement was by far the scariest part of the house. He took a stick from a broom with him as his form of protection and when he got to the door of the basement he couldn’t walk in because he had the broom stick horizontal, he then rotated it vertically and tried to walk though the door but he couldn’t. It was as if something was pushing him back and no matter how hard he pushed he didn’t move an inch. Frightened he ran back upstairs.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

I also want to share the experiences I’ve had at a local children’s theater I perform at. The place is called the Valley of the Moon, and it’s an outdoor, interactive theater that’s almost 90 years old. The original builder and owner, George Legler, was said to be a wonderful person, but something has changed him in death, if it’s really him.

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The Foot Steps 

I do not remember this, but my mom told me when I was about 3 or 4 (That would put my sister at 1-2 and my brother at 5-6), we lived in an apartment in New York. Every night, my siblings and I stayed in our own room while my parents had their own. Both doors would be open and the hall light would be on. Each night, my siblings and I would wake our parents up with our screaming, so one night, my mom decided to stay awake to see what we were freaking out about.

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▶ Finland Ghost Story

Emma Lindroos

In 1885 poltergeist activity flared up in the village of Ylöjãrvi, approximately 15 kilometres from Tammerfors (now Tampere) in Finland. 71-year-old Efraim Martin, his 77-year-old wife Eva and their 13-year-old servant girl Emma Lindroos lived in a small three-room cottage there. It was assumed that the poltergeist activity was centred around the young girl.

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3 AM

My aunt and uncle live in a house in California, and all my life I have visited their home. I have spent a great percent of my childhood there playing around and having a good time. My aunt has always said she has heard dishes moving in the kitchen, and even I have heard the sound of a glass being moved across the table when there was nothing on it.

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Anon Submitted: 

The Lights

This is something that happened to me when i was around 13. my grandparents house is built on what used to be a cementary in the early 20th century, in a rural area in western germany. at that time i often spent the night at their house, and when my grandpa was on a hunting trip i slept in my grandmas bed.

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