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i think on valentines day im just going to watch a horror movie 

What country are you from?


What is the most weirdest dream you've ever had?

When I was eight years old I remembered having a really weird dream. I dreamt that I was walking up my stairs with a bunch of other kids, I think they were from my school or something, I’m not really sure. 

As we were running up the stairs, all of the other kids decide to run into a bedroom and closed the door. But ever get when you have one of those dreams and you can’t move your legs? Well, I was frozen, just standing around. Then I heard this ticking noise coming up the stairs. 

I turn around to see this elder woman holding a pocket watch, coming up the stairs. She kept staring at me so I felt really uneasy and decided to pretend I was asleep. (I don’t know, I was a kid back then so.) 

When I was on the floor pretending to be asleep, I kept hearing the ticking noise getting closer. Now, I was starting to freak out but I continue to lay there and pretended I was asleep. In my mind at the time, I actually knew it was a dream. Even though my eyes were closed in this dream, I’ve yet to awaken from it. 

I heard the ticking noise getting closer and closer until it was really close to my face, then I woke up. 

Speaking about odd cases to do with children seeing or saying strange things. 

Lets call my friend “D” in this story.

My friend’s Mum told me once that when she was a baby in her womb, she used to have a twin sister. But she died very early in the pregnancy. So it was D’s third birthday party and her Mum was talking to her. 

"Oh you are now three!" 

Then D replied. 

"No I am not three."  So of course her mother kept correcting her, thinking she was just being a kid. 

"No you are three years old D. Why do you think you are not three years old?"

Then D replied.

"Because there is two of me." 

So at this stage her Mother was highly freaked out and had to walk out of the room for a bit, haha. I just remembered this story there now. 

▶ This is all my ghostly experiences in my life so far.

Hello, Okay so I will start of who I am before I rant.

My father one time looked into the old house records. The first owners of the house where a family that actually built the nearby church which is near my house. They also had a servant called Sarah.

Below are the records that my father found. He also had some other records somewhere but I can’t find them lol. They said that the family are from Ireland but Sarah was actually unknown on where she came from.

Sarah location in the house was shown in the records. She slept in the room under the stairs.

The Man in the Living Room

My mother told me once that as a child, I kept seeing a man in the living room. I was only 4 years old so I don’t really remember this at all. She told me that I would play in the corner and I would stop and look at the ceiling then go back to play with my toys, after a while I kept laughing at something and she asked me what I was laughing at and I told her the man kept pulling funny faces at me. After a while my mother started to blank it thinking it was my over active imagination she never took much notice of it. 

One day my mother was in the kitchen, calling me in for dinner. She heard me shout for her as she walked towards the door and said what is it. I began to cry and told her the man was not letting me through the door, she told me not to be silly and come out for dinner. I then told her again that he was not letting me out the door. My four year old self then went to the back garden door, open it. And walked to the other back door which goes into the kitchen. My mum told me that I was crying and very scared when I was knocking on the door to get her to open it. She was actually quite freaked out too. But I do not remember this at all weirdly. 

The Noise Outside my bedroom door

When I was 10 years old I was in bed one night, It would have been about 11pm. My bed is beside the door. I was very scared of the dark when I was young so it was often open. One night I was in my bedroom, trying to get to sleep. I then heard the most unearthly growl in my entire life. Yes, a bloody growl.

It did not sound like an animal and what ever it was it was out side my door. I have never felt more terrified in my entire life, I actually remember trying to call out for my mum but I was that scared that no voice came out. I remember staying up all night until the sun came into the window and my parents got up for work. I will never forget what happen to me and until this day I’ve no idea what I heard. 

Foot Steps

On several occasions me and my brothers (we are closer to the stairs than my parents) have actually heard someone walked up and down the stairs at night time. It usually happens about 1am-4am. This has happen over the years but the most recent was 2 months ago. 

The Figure Under the Stairs 

This is not a personal experience but I was there when this happen but I felt the need to share because it was quite a freaky one lol. My older brother is called Eoghan, my younger brother is called Donal. One night Eoghan was going downstairs past the kicthen. Downstairs there is a corridor which leads into the kitchen, beside the stairs. Under the stairs there is a room, I took a picture to show you. 


I don’t really like to go into it because its late here lol, anywho! 

The kitchen door is beside this door here. So Eoghan was walking into the kitchen through the hallway, past this room. He then saw in the corner of his eye someone in the room slowly leaning forward to him, with there arms out stretch to him. He then laughed and ran into the kitchen quickly thinking it was my little brother playing a trick on him. He then stood in the kitchen and shouted “Donal, I saw you. Come out.” I heard him calling Donal name and I walk out side my room going what happen, lol? then Donal came out of his bedroom too and stood beside me and Eoghan looked up and said you where just down stairs? Donal told him he was not then Eoghan started to freaked out and told us what happen lol. We then stayed in my grandmothers that night.

The Kitchen Door 

Sometimes in my house the kitchen door would be heard opening and closing at night time. It has happen quite a lot actually, last time it happen was two nights ago lol. 

The Knock On My Bedroom Window

A year ago I was sitting at the bottom of my bed. The bottom of my bed is against the wall where the window is. So the window is right beside me. I was up one day at 1:30am. I was on my laptop talking to my friend when I heard a very soft knock on my window. I froze at first thinking it was just me, so I continue to talk to my friend. Then I heard the knock again. I pulled back my curtains, and saw no one. I then went back to my laptop and told my friend. 

THEN I heard the knock again, but this time it was louder. I freaked out and ran into my brother’s room and told him, he then walked into my room. He open the curtains and told me to get my parents up. As I did that he stood by the window, and in his own story he told me that he saw no one. But he heard “someone jump off the roof and land on the ground.” He also heard someone running across our pavement. But the weird thing is we have lights in the garden that go off if anyone where to walk into our garden.

And they never did went of. 

Six months later I was in our summer house in donegal. It is in the middle of no where, our near neighbour is actually a mile away lol. Its a nice place that my parents wanted, just to get away from city life. 

One night I was staying alone downstairs, the window was beside my bed. I was up late one night reading and I swear to you I heard the same knock on the window. I have never ran up stairs so fast in my entire life and stay with my brothers that night Lol. I have no idea what was causing the knocking on my windows but whatever it was I hope I never do hear it again, it actually scares me talking about this. lol

The Noise in the Living Room 

One time I had two friends sitting downstairs with me in the living room. I was sitting at the bottom chair as they where sitting in the other end of the room. I was telling them about the things that happen in my house.

I then told them about the story my mum told me once about the man in here, as I was telling them about it I had the most weirdest yet uncomfortable feeling. It was a feeling like I had to get up from that chair and walk to my friends. Its hard to describe, as if I HAVE to move now. 

As I got up and walked to them all of us heard a large bang on the wall which was behind my head.. It sounded as if someone actually punched the wall. We all screamed of course lol. 

Figure by the Window

I was walking down my street going towards my house, my house has very large windows at the front of it. As I open the gate I looked up to see someone standing by the window. I thought it was my brother because it was his room, so when I went inside I called out to him but there was no reply. I went upstairs to check his room, and no one was there. 

Orbs in the Bar 

One day me and my friend where in donegal. We where on our way home when we decided to stop at a pub for a bit. When we where in the pub we asked the woman where the toilets where, she told us they where next door in the older part of the pub. So as we went there we notice it was quite cold. Like it was in the summer when we where at the place lol, was a bit odd it was stone cold in there.

Anywho my friend went to the bathroom as I stood outside to wait. I decided to show my other friends this creepy pub so I took some photos and these orbs appeared in them.

I never notice them in the picture until I got out. 

Figure beside the Chair

This is my most recent one. This happen one week ago.

I was downstairs with my friend, she was staying the night. She sleep on the other couch as I was on the other one. I woke up suddenly and saw someone quickly walked past me to my side, I asked my friend what she was doing. Then I saw her sleeping on the other couch so I jumped up VERY quickly  and turn the light on. No one was in the room, apart from me and her. 

▶ "Come downstairs Sarah."

This is a personal account that I have heard from a girl in school. This is a story written by ME. The owner of fuckyeahnightmares.  Do not paste it on other websites without my PERMISSION.

When I was in school I was friends with this girl called Sarah. One day we were talking about ghosts and creepy shit but she then told me this story that has happened to her. Even though this was seven years ago when she told me this, I will never forget it. She lived in an old house with her mum,dad and little sister. Where I live in Ireland in this certain town, it has a lot of old houses. Some are even nearly 200 years old. So this is when her story begins.

Her parents were redoing the house one day and found old human clothing in the walls. Her parents never really spoke much about the stuff that has happen in there house. But as a child, Sarah used to wake up in the night and see a dark figure at the bottom of her bed. Her little sister would see it too. For years this always happened now and again so she grew used to it and never spoke about it to her parents. But on one account something did really spooked her.

One night she was getting up to go to the bathroom, her bathroom entrance faced the stairs. As she made her way she stops as she heard movement at the bottom of the stairs. It was very dark so she never saw anything. Then she heard her mum talking to her from the bottom of the stairs.

Her mother said in a calm voice, "Sarah. Come downstairs." Sarah then replied to her, “Okay, but turn the light on mum.” Her mother replied again, with the same tone of voice.

"Sarah, Come downstairs."

Sarah shouted no as then her mother sounded angry. "Sarah, come downstairs. NOW." Sarah then replied really angrily saying I will not. Then she heard her father speaking.

"Sarah if you don’t come downstairs I will get very angry." Sarah then replied to him syaing will you please turn the light on. He replied while shouting.


Her mother did the same.


Sarah shouted no and got annoyed. She made her way to her bedroom but then stop.

She wanted to wait in her parent’s room. She wanted to talk to them when they both come upstairs. She made her way in only to discovered that both of her parents were asleep. Something was trying to get her to come downstairs and it was not her real parents.