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▶ My Ouija experience.

penny lane submitted

So, I’ve never been a religious person or anything. In fact, I would call myself an atheist. Despite this, I’ve always found demonology and related themes extremely interesting. 2 years ago, I was home alone in my mom’s house and I was sitting on the living room with my laptop wasting time, as usual. From the spot where I was seating, to the right, you could perfectly see the kitchen.

Suddenly, the thought of searching for a ouija board through the internet came to my mind and it seemed so cool, I actually did it. I went to a site where they had a ouija board where you could ‘play’ online. I obviously thought it was pure bullsh*t, I mean, what can you expect? I started talking to this person, and the questions I asked and the answers he gave me didn’t match so I was laughing because my thoughts about this ‘entity’ being a bot were true.

I closed the tab a few minutes laters, after that, I was just fooling around on the internet and I noticed the light bulb on the kitchen started to flick so I turned the light off and back on, thinking it was just an electrical short, and the light went back to normal. Following this, I went back to the living room when I started to feel shivers all over my body and I sensed something coming from the kitchen, I used my peripheral view to see what was there and I saw a life-size crucified Christ on my kitchen and the lights started blinking again. I closed my laptop and ran upstairs to my mom’s room and tried to calm myself down. It was working until the lights went out. I heard dishes breaking on the kitchen afterwards. I quickly looked for my phone and called my mom crying. All these things can be perfectly explained so I just think I chose a bad day to play the Ouija. But I still can’t explain how the dishes fell from the cabinet if it was closed.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I know a lot of skeptics who still won’t touch a Ouija board, so don’t worry about that! 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

poo-sex submitted:

My Ghost story

I have creepy little stories that have happened over years, not too freaky but they’ve scared me;    

When i was 5 or 6 mum and I went to check out a unit we were going to move into, i went upstairs by myself to have a look around but got a little freaked out so i ran back downstairs  (but i figured it was juts because i was little and i had a big imagination) Anyway, after a few months we got a roomate to live with us, she was really nice, mum and I both liked her. Mum and I went on holidays for a few weeks and when we got back i started seeing what i though was a groom, but he was wet and muddy, and his suit had been ripped a bit? He was always at the doorway of my room or the spare bathroom, and he used to creep me out. My Mum started waking up and being pinned down onto her bed, so she started putting a knife in her bedside table draw. She also told me that she was with my cat Charm watching T.V and felt something go passed her, which made both her hair and Charm’s hair rise. Turned out that mum got so suspicious of our roomate that when she was out for the day, mum went in and searched her room and ended up fining a Ouija board underneath her bed. Mum told me that i used to also talk to an ‘imaginary friend’ called Megan, we used to sit outside and talk all the time.

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Paul Piate

So If my last story wasn’t creepy enough (about the shadow hat man) here’s another one. After the experience with the shadow man, I was more and more interested with the “unknown” and ghosts. (I was trying to convince myself, nothing will happen)

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Ouija Spirit Knows Too Much

This is going to be another one of those Ouija board stories. This happened to my brother, but it includes me. He doesn’t have a tumblr so I figured I’d submit it. I’m leaving out names so some of the dialogue will be changed to implement that.

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Cemetery Fright

I seem to be a paranormal magnet. I constantly have random, weird happenings. But one of them really scared me more than the others.

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The Catholic School Classroom

This is a story a teacher of mine told my classmates and I one day.

Basically, my teacher used to go to a Catholic girls’ school when she was a teenager. After school, some of her classmates (she was not involved directly) decided to play that Ouija-board-like game, except with just paper and a pen, in their classroom. They wrote letters and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the piece of paper like an Ouija board, and then put their hands on the pen.

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swimsuit—issue submitted:


Ouija Tales

This first story is a ouija board experience my brother shared with me. he is now 31 years old and i doubt it very much that he would fabricate ghost stories.

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Ouija Board

This happened to me and my friend Casey on Wednesday. So I was reading a lot of stuff on the internet about ouija boards and got really curious and I read that you could make your own so I did. Casey came over around 4:00 pm and I had already made the board by then so her my little brother and i decided to see if it would work even though its still light out or whatever.

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I don't know if this is interesting to you, but here in Denmark we have our own version of the ouija board called 'The spirit in the glass'(Ånden i glasset.) It's kind of the same but we put a glass over the little candle, and we always start by asking if the spirit is evil. If it's evil or if the game is finished you have to break the glass. That is important. Also we also make the board ourself on paper. :)
The Purple Man

When I was 3 years old I had (what my mom thought at the time was) an invisible friend I called The Purple Man. Every night after my mom would put me to bed and close the door she would hear me having conversations with The Purple Man.

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▶ 10/10

No Clocks in Hell

This isn’t really anything scary. It’s just something that kind of shocked me when it happened. A few months ago, I decided to ask my friends if anyone wanted to do a Ouija board session with me.

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Ghost Bro

Hey this is the girl who submitted The House on Pender.  This story isn’t scary, it’s just interesting I guess. To me, anyway!

Two years ago I was playing around on a ouija board with my friend. We totally knew better, but thought we knew enough about ouija boards to do it safely ( nope ). After we were finished I started feeling a lot of negative energy in the places we used the board and I got the feeling I was being watched… I chalked it up to me being paranoid and immediately went in denial about a possible haunting. Eventually I forgot about it.

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▶ ZoZo

Millions of people that have played with the Ouija Board have come across this demon. ZOZO is said to mean “blackbird or crow”.  Zozo has surfaced on Ouija Boards all over the world. entities such as Zam, Zaza, Zono, and other Z-Entities continue to be reported during Ouija. Zozo was also considered an alternate name for Pazuzu.

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Moving Bookshelf

When I was 17, my sister and I loved to mess with our Ouija board almost every night. We did it mostly in our living room, but for some reason I did it in my room. Well, one night (probably a week after we did it in my room), I was sitting alone in my room with the door shut at my desk. All of a sudden, my bookshelf next to my desk moved a good six inches away from my wall. The bookshelf is also very, very heavy, and it requires at least two people to move it.  It scared the everlasting crap out of me! I ran out of my room and slept with my parents. Ever since, I’ve felt very uncomfortable keeping my door shut while I’m alone.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.