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Oh my god are you telling me leprechauns are real?

not the american version of them on lucky charms cereal lol 

though im from ireland and in irish folklore we have banshees and many other types of fairy kind of creatures

and yes the leprechauns have been around for a loooong time in irish folklore! (over 1000 years if im not mistaken?)

no they dont wear little green suits and have red hair. they are described as being small and the same height as fairies and are usually seen in groups and are located near wells and large stones were they like to sit upon. 

people would report seeing these tricky fellows throughout the years as they love to play tricks on people 

especially children!

though its best not to pissed them off as they have the power to do curses and other such dark things! aka theyre pretty much assholes 

basically irish folklore stories in a nutshell: do not anger that thing or that thing will harm or curse you and it will be your own fault 

▶ The Hovering man: Belfast, Ireland.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares: I was bored so I decided to make paranormal records of the city I live in. I found this link on a website that a user posted about seeing a floating figure with legs and orbs. The person clearly thought it could be UFO related but it reminded me of the following story that I’ll tell you right now. Both were located in Cavehill, Belfast. Many paranormal stories have happened within this forest park. Could the Hovering man be reappearing once again?

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You got an anon a while back saying about an exorcism in Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry. My mum used to work in ward 24 which closed down due to it being old and stuff but she told me she reckons it's because most of the old people and their families and some of the staff constantly complained about hearing noises and seeing things move and seeing the 'shadowy man'. She doesn't know if the exorcism is true or not though.

thanks for the info!! i try my best to find out about that but it was not in the news or anything. i even asked my friend who lives in derry (i live not so far from it.)

Apparently a few years back there was an exorcism performed in Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry/Londonderry on one of the patients in ward 20. Not sure if it's true though

ill look into this because i live very close to there !

(at the weekend though cos im very busy with work)

hey, only recently followed your blog :L really great btw, anyway. i live in ireland near an old fort with an equally old forest growing around it and it apparently plays with people's minds. like recently a guy killed himself by tying a rope around his neck and to a tree and driving his motorbike into the river and people claim to hear the revving of the engine and a deep scream. also, a lot of cultists linger about and i often find all these occult signs, not scary but creepy :L

So…here’s my scary story & it’s true!

As a child, I spent summers in a 1800s manse in Co. Cavan in Ireland. It’s my favorite place to be. It’s huge! It has rooms with grand fireplaces in - including the bedrooms - and, apart from the bathroom, every room has servants bells in with the bells themselves being in the back kitchen where, originally, the servants used to reside. Old as it is, and big as it feels, I’d never felt uncomfortable there even knowing the past of the house; my Aunt and Uncle who own it had nursed many relatives there who later died.

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▶ Creepy Irish Creatures

The lore of supernatural beings in Ireland is unlike that of the rest of Europe in one very important respect: spirit powers in the Emerald Isle have been endowed with names and personalities.

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▶ Monster in Lough Foyle, Ireland


Conall Melarkey: "Was shooting in Lough Foyle when this thing went past us. It was massive. Really don’t know what it was. There have been whales in the Lough before so maybe that’s what it was but Matthew was closer than we were and says it was no whale."

did you know that there has been a lot of cases in ireland when someone cuts down a fairy tree their entire family will be curse to the single last blood relative 

fairies are not all like tinkerbell hell to the no 

Dobhar Chu 

The Irish Crocodile 

The Dobhar-Chu, also referred to as the Irish Crocodile, King Otter, Dhuragoo, Dorraghower, and Dobarcu, is thought to be a form of amphibious predator haunting the rivers and lakes of Ireland. Described as being a roughly 7 foot long half wolf half fish like creature the name Dobhar-Chu, when translated from Gaelic, literally means water hound.

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▶ Ghost photographed in Galway, Ireland.


Do you believe in ghosts? Apparently there’s a nun haunting the Long Walk in Galway. 

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are there any places around Dublin that you recommend for the fellow paranormal fan?

hope this helps

Lough Dubh Lake Monster

Lough Dubh or Black’s Lake is a popular fishing venue by the river suck which was the scene of a possible monster sighting in the early 1960’s a creature was hooked by Mr Mullaney (a schoolmaster) and his son whilst out fishing. Described as having “short thick legs with small ears and a white pointed horn on the snout. It was dark grey in colour, and covered with bristles or short hair, like a pig.” It was said to be the size of a cow and aggressive. This sighting was mentioned in Peter Costello’s In Search of Lake Monsters (1974). The creature was apparently last seen in 1961 in the presence of two smaller ones.

The Man on the Road

Location: Western Ireland, near Galway.

A few weeks ago, I was on a road-trip with some friends. We stopped on the edge of a road, so my friends could go to the toilet in the trees. 

I was alone in the car, while the others (a group of five) went to the bathroom. Being a martial artist, I thought I’d be safe in the car. After a minute, I noticed a man in his fifties on the edge of the road a few feet from the car. He was smiling at me.

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