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I haven’t had too many paranormal things happen to me, but this is the one I remember best:

I live in Argentina, and over here there’s this sort of home-made Ouija board- like game called “el juego de la copa” (literally ‘the cup game’, even tho it’s played with a glass)…. You play it by writing down the whole alphabet and yes/no/hello/goodbye in paper strips and lay them down on the floor or table, then you use a glass cup, the kind that have a base and support- think of a wine cup, but it’d provably be best to use one with a narrower mouth… everyone puts their fingers on the upside-down glass’ support and make circles with the cup in between the letters/commands until you start getting an answer.

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Uncle Mike

I did not experience this for myself; my grandmother, who is perfectly well and no-nonsense did.

Before I was born, about fourty years ago, my grandmother’s brother Mike died.

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▶ Come Out And Play


Okay, so my younger cousin and I are about seven years apart, give or take a few months. I basically see her as my younger sibling, considering I’m an only child, and so my mom would always leave me at my aunt’s house to spend time with them.

When I was ten (my cousin was three) my mom decided to let me sleep over at my aunt’s house. Being that the house already creeped me out for some particular reason, I had a little trouble getting into bed, but eventually I fell asleep.

Then, out of nowhere, I woke up. My cousin was fast asleep next to me, and her nightlight was plugged into the wall, so it wasn’t completely dark in the room. I leaned over to take a sip of water when I noticed the time—three in the morning.

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▶ Sports Ghost

Sports Ghost

So about two years ago, in February of 2012, one of my neighbors in my neighborhood died. 

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▶ Halloween Haunt

Anonymous submitted: 

This story is more sweet than scary, but I figured i’d share anyways

So, during the first semester of my eleventh year, I did a coop placement at a hospital. I was so intent on becoming a nurse that I’d spend 5+ hours a day at the hospital to earn two credits in school. I cant necessarily say I still feel the same.

There was this one patient who had slight dementia, and a really bad limp even he would poke fun at. He’d constantly ask for the time or if he’d already been fed. He’d forget his family members and his nurses, but for whatever reason he’d never forget me. I genuinely liked him, and would spend a lot of my free time keeping him company.

I knew that he was getting old, and his health wasn’t at it’s best, but I was still shocked to find his death certificate ready for delivery as I walked in on Halloween. Teary eyed, I silently helped the nurses clean and wrap his body. Before we closed the body bag, I realized his eyes were open. The nurse that I was shadowing wasn’t the most considerate person. So when I went to close his eyes, she went on a long spiel telling me to “stop treating him better than our other patients.” The part that kind of scared me about that moment was the soft hand I felt on my shoulder, as if I was being comforted. Nonetheless I closed his eyes and dealt with the chastisement from my supervisor.

For the rest of the day I felt serene, as if I was being protected. I even walked home through a forest trail known for its coyotes without even glancing behind me.

As I was going to bed, I looked to the corner of my room. Just beside my piano was the silhouette of a man, the patient I had grown fond of. With his limping gait, he walked across the room, bent over and placed a kiss on my forehead. I can still feel where his stubble brushed against my brow. I watched him slip through my bedroom door and disappear down the corridor.

To this day I still see his silhouette, leaning against my piano.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: sweet ghosts are my favorite tbh! 4/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

The Face

A few years ago when I was in 8th grade, (I’m in 11th now) my girl scout troop and I took a trip to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is supposed to be one of the most haunted cities in the US. Anyway, one night we went to this old restaurant that used to be a pirate bar, called the Pirate’s House. One of my friends had a camera, so we decided to take a picture.

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The Lady in the white

Every summer i spend the whole summer with my family in new york city. One night me and my cousin well call her becky for name sake (whose 30 now btw) were discussing the paranormal she told me of an experience she and her brother Carlos (false name) had as children that spooks me to this very day. 

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Anon Submitted:
Haunted Dorm

So I go to this week-long summer camp thing at Texas A&M Galveston. I went once two years ago, and twice in a row last year.

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Closet Problems

From ages 4-9 I lived in a little house just off a main road. It was a nice house, perfect for a family of three/soon to be four. My room was pretty nice, very pink and full of flowers.

Right in the middle of one the small walls in my room was the closet.

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University housing

I moved to university in September 2011, and was put into a shared house with 31 other people in it. The building itself is a very old converted hotel, with creepy back passages and a cellar. Most people in the house have seen something or felt something just not right.

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▶ Queen Mary

Queen Mary

About 5 years ago my ex-boyfriend and I stayed the night on the Queen Mary that is docked in Long Beach, CA.

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A strange night

My story Isn’t that scary but I thought I would share.

When I was around 8 or 9 I lived in this beautiful house in Upavon (it was basically in the middle of no where because it we lived in an army camp). This is the only experience I had in this house, I was sleeping in my bed when I woke up and I saw a a glowing white figure which looked like a girl in her mid 20’s standing at the bottom of my bed, I stared at her for a bit and then hid under my covers petrified, but when I looked she was gone, I then needed the toilet so I got out of bed, and when I opened my bed room door I saw something at the other end of the landing and it started to run towards me, out of fear and being that age I ran towards it and when I was at half way point which was my parents bedroom door it was gone. 
I must say I love this blog as I love the feeling of getting scared for some odd reason, and I just watch Lake Mungo, and I love it :)

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: I’m glad you like the blog :} 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.


The Top Hat Man

The over all experience might not be that creepy, but it sure scared the fuck out of my child self. Yup. This story is real.

(english is not my first language so please pardon my grammar.)

The thing happened back when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I have this habit of going to school too early so basically, when I get to school, my classmates are not there yet and there’s only me and the guard (of the building I am in) or sometimes the janitors are there, making some last-minute cleaning of some sort.

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I was about 5 or 6 or so. It was in Endicott, New York. I shared a room with my two older sisters Rochell, and Amanda.

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