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▶ -this is 100% true-

One night when i was in my room i felt creepy and sad. so i went to bed, and in my dream i saw my grandma (i’ve never met her, she commited suicide when my mom was my age.) and she told me to be careful that the devil was looking for me. i woke up and ran to my dads room and told him what happened, and he told me this story;

"one time, when you were only a few months old, me and your mom went to her friends house to talk to him, so when we got there they went into the bedroom and i stayed in the living room with you and played this old video game. about 30 minutes later, all the lights went out and you woke up screaming and crying, so i picked you up and ran into the bedroom and i saw your mom and her friend playing in the room with a ouija bored trying to talk to her mom. your mom was always using those things trying to speak to her. i told her we had to leave so we left and when we got home it felt.. silent and creepy. so we all went to bed. as soon as i fell asleep i had a dream that i was in your room and this green, glowing, THING was standing over your crib trying to hold you, but when it saw me it ran over, got into my face, and i will never forget this. all i could see was its red eyes, and its glowing green face.. it had horns and its hair was brown and messy. and it screamed. to this day i haven’t forgotten the scream.. and then i woke up. me, you and your mom woke up at the same time. i looked at your mom and i knew, she had the same dream. later that say when i asked her about it, she had the exact same dream.. and she could even explain the face i saw in my dream. we moved out of that house and we never spoke to that man again. but sometimes i see that thing in my dreams standing over you, trying to get to you, but now i see your grandma standing next to you. i think she’s your guardian." 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Oujia Boards never seem to work out when attempting to contact friendly spirits. 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

 Doing Ouija boards were my favourite thing. Until one day, when a friend and I were doing one. We were going about it normally, talking to a spirit, when suddenly the planchette just stopped moving. The air around felt thicker and I had a hard time breathing. After I said good bye and got up to turn the lights on my friend goes ” Lets do it again, now.” I told her no, she got really upset and yelled at me, to please her, I said okay. We put our hands on the planchette, automatically it went to 6. I asked what’s 6, it went to 6 repeatedly. Thinking my friend was trying to freak me out, and she was moving it I go ” Ohh 6 like the Devil, am I right” it spelled out ” Worse” I looked to my friend and she just looked empty, indifferent. I was starting to get freaked out, I asked if we could go, it replied “Go where theres no place you can go I wont be” 
I kind of laughed. I told it we were going to go now. The thing replied ” no.” I said “yes” as soon as I took my fingers off my friend looked up, a sort of hate in her eyes, the fisrt emotion from her since we started. She said in a voice that wasn’t hers” I told you NOT to go!” and fell over limp, as soon as I went to touch her she started convulsing, I yelled for my mom and we got her to the hospital. The doctors said there wasn’t a cause for the seizure, she wasn’t on anything. 
Now, since then my friend hasn’t talked, this was months ago,  I feel like there has been something with me, watching me, things have happened that I can’t explain. I think the day that we got it, it never left.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Send us an update when you can. I really hope your friend is alright! 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ The Devil’s Tramping Ground

The Devil’s Tramping Ground, located in Chatham County, North Carolina is said to be where the devil paces at night to plot how to bring human souls to damnation.

Below I have linked some sites that will tell you all about The Devil’s Tramping Ground.





please post this as anon!

Last year, I noticed something in my room that I hadn’t before. A cross that my mom had put up. Since I’m agnostic (and therefore don’t really believe in God) I decided I didn’t want it on my wall and thought it would be funny to hang it on my door upside down. So, I grabbed some tape, grabbed the cross, and taped it to my door upside down. I didn’t think anything of it.

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I got ballsy one day and decided to look up demon sigils. Lucifer's is very easy to remember and it says summoning can rely on simply remembering the sigil. Guess who has been showing up in my dreams for over a year now. :/

Loudon Road

There’s a old country road on the outskirts of my small town called Loudon Road. The road has always been known to be the local “dare” among high school student looking for a scare. I recently went out on the road with a friend and her family.

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▶ 10/10

No Clocks in Hell

This isn’t really anything scary. It’s just something that kind of shocked me when it happened. A few months ago, I decided to ask my friends if anyone wanted to do a Ouija board session with me.

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A Haunting in New Hall

I go to university in Connecticut. I live in the second newest building on campus, but the property is very old and has a dark history. Buildings on campus served as orphanages and hospitals. Some places have even been the site of satanic ritual.

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Dangerous Ouija Board

This happened to my sister when I was younger and even though I don’t really believe Ouija boards in general are dangerous (since they’re literally toys marketed by Hasbro), I still have no idea how to explain how this happened or what was actually going on.

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▶ The Werewolf of Bedburg

The True Story of a Monster that terrorized a German village for years with unspeakably cruel crimes and murders. 

In the late 16th century, the town of Bedburg, Germany was terrorized by a diabolical creature that slaughtered its cattle and snatched away its women and children, killing them with unspeakable morbidity. The shocked and horrified townspeople feared that they were being victimized by a raving demon from Hell or, just as bad, a bloodthirsty werewolf who lived among them.

This is the true story of Peter Stubbe - the Werewolf of Bedburg - whose crimes plunged a German town already beset by political and religious turmoil into an unimaginable nightmare, and whose heinous murders rival the bloody viciousness of any of today’s most gruesome slasher movies.

WARNING: The extreme cruelty of the crimes in this case, detailed below, are highly disturbing and not for the squeamish, faint-of-heart or young children.

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▶ Victim of the Beast 666

IN A NONDESCRIPT section of the Salt Lake City Cemetery lies a small gravestone that bears an inscription so unusual that it has for years aroused curiosity, rumor, speculation - even fear - within those who have encountered it. While surrounding grave markers are inscribed with such common inscriptions as “devoted mother,” “beloved husband” or simply “in loving memory,” the gravestone of Lily E. Gray is inscribed with the mysterious and highly provocative phrase: “Victim of the Beast 666.”

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▶ The Jersey Devil

There is a terrifying creature, they say, that haunts the dense pine barrens of New Jersey, and its frightening appearance earned it the name of The Jersey Devil.

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