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I work in a hospital as a nurse. I used to work on a unit that had patients that wore heart monitors on it. Sometimes when I am monitoring patients with heart monitors I get a cold spot on my back. Right between the shoulder blades.

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The female patient

This happened to a friend of mine. We are radiographers/radiation technicians; those medical staff who take x-rays, CT scans, MRI etc in hospital/clinics/medical centers. During our off days, we usually help out in other places as ‘locums’ and sometimes we have to go back to those places to perform x-ray examinations in the middle of the night. Like 2-3am. It’s pretty normal if you’re working in the healthcare industry.

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Ever since I moved into my house in Virginia I had been seeing glimpses of shadows in corners or by the door.  Being the imaginative child that I was and still am, I just assumed it was my imagination running away with me but these occurances were becoming more frequent and more noticeable as I got older and began taking an interest in the supernatural. 

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▶ La Llorona


La Llorona (“The Weeping Woman”) is a widespread legend in Mexico, the American Southwest, Puerto Rico and Central America. Although several variations exist, the basic story tells of a beautiful woman by the name of Maria killing her children by drowning them, in order to be with the man that she loved. When the man rejects her, she kills herself. Challenged at the gates of heaven as to the whereabouts of her children, she is not permitted to enter the afterlife until she has found them. Maria is forced to wander the Earth for all eternity, searching in vain for her drowned offspring, with her constant weeping giving her the name “La Llorona”. 

Read below to read her story. 

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brokenxrecord submitted: 

My Ghost Photo

My friends and I used to go ghost hunting a lot. Mostly in cemeteries.

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Before i tell you the story, let me just throw some things out. I didn’t witness this with my own eyes nor did my friend who told me this story but apparently a true happening which shook a small village nearby my friends place.

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▶ Ourang Medan

In June, 1947, several ships in the straits of Malacca near Sumatra picked up an S.O.S. that included the message, “All officers including captain are dead lying in chart room and bridge. Possibly whole crew dead.” That was followed by another message from the sender that read simply, “I die.”

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It is said that a young man took his girlfriend to the top of the tower with the intention of proposing marriage to her, but she turned him down and he threw her from the tower to her death. Visitors to the tower at night have reported hearing a girl laughing and saying NO, followed by a scream, then silence.

A Haunting in New Hall

I go to university in Connecticut. I live in the second newest building on campus, but the property is very old and has a dark history. Buildings on campus served as orphanages and hospitals. Some places have even been the site of satanic ritual.

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Anon submitted:

The Disappearing Grave

Not creepy, but there’s this cemetery I hang out in down the street from my house.

I’ve never gotten a creepy vibe from it, still don’t. I was hanging around the back of the cemetery just reading graves, and I came across a really old grave that had a hand carved on it, like some will have hands with fingers pointing up for heaven, but this one was pointing down for hell. I couldn’t read the name beyond the first three letters it was so old (Ann) and the date of birth was in mid-1856, but there was no date of death. I passed this off as an odd sort of funny thing, assuming the person hadn’t had enough money to be buried there at their death or something, made note of where it was to show my friend, and didn’t think much of it. Except, when I went back to show her, it wasn’t there, there was no sign there had ever been a grave there, and I’ve never been able to find it since. I still don’t get a creepy vibe from the cemetery, but I always thought it was a bit odd.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.


Unknown Man

i think this story is not really creepy but i’ll share it anyway. And sorry for the bad english.

so this is the story when i was still on junior high school (yes, too bad this is a real story). I was on the second year. There’s 4 classes on second year, from 2-A to 2-D. My class (2-A) is on the second floor, separated from the other second year classes, the other classes are on the third floor.

One day, I dreamt i was on the school, in my school uniform. It was a bright and sunny day like usual. I was going to the second floor but i can’t find anyone. I searched for anyone throughout the second floor but no result, so i decided to go to the third floor.

I was going to the stairs, and i found a man dressed in a white robe standing near the stairs. His skin really pale white, and he wears some kind of old light brown sandals. I went upstairs but he stopped me.

“you can’t go upstairs. Someone’s dead.”

I stopped, but i don’t remember seeing his face well. But i think his face is not creepy or anything.

Then I woke up, and went to school like usual. I thought it was just another weird dreams.

But at my school the whole atmosphere is not right, everyone looked really gloomy and everyone was gathering at the hall. I saw a photograph in the middle of hall, i knew that a boy from class 2-D even i never talked to him before.

he died because of heart attack in the early morning that day.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.


▶ The Death Coach

In Irish Folklore the Death Coach is known as Cóiste Bodhar (Koe-shta-bower), meaning death or silent coach and if you see or even hear it then either you or a close relative will die in the very near future. The belief is that once the coach has come to the land of the living it cannot return empty. Once death has come to collect there is nothing on earth you can do to prevent it. The headless horseman that drives the coach is known as the Dullahan. The Dullahan is also known in Irish as Gan Ceann, meaning without head and it is usually seen either driving the coach that is pulled by six black horses or riding alongside on a black stallion. The eyes of the Dullahan are massive and are always darting around and the mouth is constantly grinning and showing a nasty row of sharp teeth. The flesh of the head has been described as smelling, looking, and having the feel of rotten cheese. They  often carry their head with them.

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