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▶ The Tap

Submission by rat2rrj

A few years back, I was listening to my Beatles Cd (with thirty songs, kind of long) and the second to last, Elenoir Rigby, still scared me and was in my head. After a bit of looking at the blue light of my cd player and trying to fall asleep, when I felt a tap on my upper arm. Due to my sleep schedule then, my throat had grown dry and I couldn’t talk, waiting for sleep. The tap scared me, as it touched my arm through both my thick blanket and sleeve. I croaked in response. I think i looked at the wall too, to check for a shadow or something, but i do not recall if i saw one. After about half a minute, the tap came again, twice in succession on the same spot, then I never experienced it again. I perceived the source of the tap to be slightly curved (I like to think it was some sort of gentle claw). The morning after, I wrote a plea for the source to return in English, and I wonder to this day what would have become of me if I replied to the tap at the time of occurrence.

My other ghost story happened on a dark weekday morning around 5:30 when walking my dog with my mom. The dog and mom were wandering around the side of a church close to our house when I saw something white walk out. It looked like a girl, except she walked straight through the door, clasped her hands, and turned into a fuzzy orb that shot up into the sky.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: The first sounds like sleep paralysis except for the specific touch—that would be very unusual for an episode. 5/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Black Shuck

In Suffolk, England. Bungay has the usual village church, called St. Mary’s Church. In the 16th century, during a thunderstorm, the ghostly black dog Black Shuck broke into the church during a sermon and killed two. It then appeared at the Cathedral of the Marshes in nearby Blythburgh during the same thunderstorm, causing the church spire to collapse. The Black Shuck’s scratch marks are visible on the doors to this day.

Audrey  submitted:

Hells Church

I believe in ghosts as i am a paranormal investigator. But i never thought i would encounter a demon like i did at this church. The place has an amazing history. i heard it was haunted so with my fiancee’, we went to the church with our equipment. The first time i ever went to the church i felt an immediate sense of fear and hate.

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The Stanleyville Cemetery

this never happened to me, but to somebody i used to be friends with. we’re not friends anymore due to some complications, but that is irrelevant to this story. it all started when my boyfriend and a friend of his were out cruising after graduating high school. we live in Ohio, and the place in question is in stanleyville ohio. my boyfriend and his friend, jared, were driving out this country back road when they came across an old, run down cemetery

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▶ The Voices of St Michan’s

St Michan’s Church, in Church Street, Dublin, is famous for the “charnel house” in its vaults.The dry air has mummified the corpses, there are about thirty such bodies.

Although the atmosphere is perfectly still, some visitors who have lingered for a while in the vault have reported hearing sounds of loud whispering, as in agitated discussion or argument. 


▶ Newby Church Ghost

This well known “ghost” photo was snapped by Reverend K. F. Lord at Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England in the 1960’s. He claims he was merely taking a photo of the alter and didn’t see anything unusual at the time, until the photograph was developed. This particular photo has been the subject of many arguments and much controversy over the years due to the rather “fake” appearance of the figure in the photo.

The apparition picture appears to be a monk with hands folded in prayer and a ghastly face. The monk looks to be older than the building, from the time when monks were a common sight in England. Thus, it is likely the monk would date to before the time of Henry VIII, who closed down all monasteries.