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▶ The Mantell UFO Incident

On January 7 1948 a National Guard pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, was killed in a plane crash while in pursuit of a UFO. This was one of the most publicized early reports of a UFO sighting. Referred to as the Mantell UFO incident, it is surrounded in mystery. What happened up there? Captain Mantell gave a description of what he saw shortly before his plane crashed, lets take a look.

Mantell described an object which he said

"looks metallic and of tremendous size,"

There are conflicting sources to this statement as there is disagreement between the air traffic controllers as to whether or not he actually said this. However Mantell decided to follow it and disappeared into the clouds.

"It’s still above me, making my speed or better. I’m going up to twenty thousand feet. If I’m no closer, I’ll abandon chase."

This was his last report before his fighter crashed. The thing that he had been chasing had vanished. What was he chasing? There are several explanations that were released.

The first explanation released by the Air Force was that he had misidentified the planet Venus, however at the time of day, it would have been invisible to observers.

The second explanation was the Skyhook Balloon. It was suggested that Mantell had misidentified a US Navy Skyhook weather balloon, however it is disputed because no particular Skyhook balloon could have been identified as being in the area. However despite that it matches the description as they were made of aluminum and 100 feet in diameter. Skyhook balloons were secret at the time of Mantell’s ill fated flight, so he would not have been able to identify it as a Skyhook balloon. Furthermore, later research showed that the air currents could have blown the balloons close to the area of the Mantell incident.

If it WAS a Skyhook balloon, the Air Force wouldn’t have wanted to admit it for security reasons as well as admitting a Department of Defense program resulted in the dispatch and death of a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot.

It must also be noted, while Mantell was an experienced pilot, he was rather new to the P-51 and that could have been a factor in the crash.

I have included some links for your perusal, the first two are where I gleaned most of my information from. Go ahead and make your own judgements.






▶ Croatoan


In 1587, about 120 men, women, and children established the first English colony in America— then vanished without a trace, leaving historians and archaeologists with one of America’s most perplexing mysteries. Until this day it remains unsolved. 

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Indian Island

When I was seven my dad was stationed to Washington state on one of the naval bases that was previously an Indian Reservation, (but its Wa state, everything is basically an Indian res.) The other kids and I on the base would all gather around and adventure through the woods, all would talk bout the weird vibes we’d get from just living there.

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▶ Witnesses 1,200 Miles Apart Describe Same Giant Triangle UFO

Two UFO witnesses about 1,200 miles apart seemed to describe the same triangle-shaped object in reports two hours and two time zones apart on April 27, 2013, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

At about 9:59 p.m. ET, a Tennessee witness driving west along Highway 70 near Pleasant Hill reported watching “a large, triangular-shaped” object hovering over power lines in MUFON Case 47032.

The witness was returning from a grocery shopping trip in Crossville when the object appeared just above the vehicle.

Image: Google Map showing the 1,200-mile journey between Pleasant Hill, TN, (A) and Arapahoe County, CO (B).

"I noticed a large triangular type shape with a big lit circle in the middle of it," the witness stated. "The light was several feet across and was illuminated with white light. The object looked dark gray as far as I could tell and the shape was triangular but with curves. I figured it must be a UFO to be just hovering like that over the power lines."

The witness drove directly under the object.

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Psychotic Unknown Child

Recently, my town (a city in Northern Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio) started “ghost tours” during the month of October. Until the late 1950s, my city used to be full of gangsters, mafia, and gamblers, so there were plenty of murders, suicides, and other weird happenings going on to ensure a history full of tragedy.

Last month, my wife, my parents and I went on this particular walk that consisted of walking around a few blocks of the city, looking at old buildings and listening to stories that took place at these locations. My parents grew up on one particular street that was included in the walk, so they were able to verify most of the stories for us. When we got in front of the building my mom grew up in, the woman guiding the tour told us a really creepy story that I’ve been trying to verify for over a month now, but I can’t seem to find any information online about it. Maybe one of your followers will know more about it. 

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Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. The time was about 2 am. When I walk down the hall to use my bathroom, I get a good view of the living room and so I saw that the living room lights were on and I saw a man standing at the top of our stairs. That night my step dad had gone camping with my younger brother and some others so I thought he had come home to get something. I didn’t think anything of it and continued to use the bathroom. As I was walking out of the bathroom to go back to my room I noticed the living room lights were now off and my “step dad” was gone.

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▶ Big Foot

Bigfoot is the name given to a large bipedal ape like creature reported to roam the remote forest areas of the United States, specifically the Pacific North West, California, the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes region, and some of the Northeast and Southern states. Bigfoot is most likely very closely related if not the same species as Canada’s Sasquatch, similar reports of a creature like Bigfoot have been reported all over the world, including, Malaysia, China, Russia, Australia and South America to name a few.

Individuals who claim to have seen Bigfoot often give very similar descriptions, a 7 to 9 foot tall, ape or human like bipedal creature with broad shoulders, no visible neck, and pointed head similar to the crest of a male gorilla. Reports also sometimes note large eyes, a pronounced brow, and a large, low set forehead. A pungent odor, similar to feces, sewage or strong body odor, is also associated with most Bigfoot sightings.

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Midnight footsteps.

It was a new home on the outskirts of san antonio, Texas. My mom, my sister, my dad, and I had just moved in. It was a old little thing with five acres in a rural town. Anyways, it was the first month and my mom kept telling us not to get up and run around the house at night. At this time, we were quite young, I was possibly eight, she just a few years older than I, and we figured she was just laying some basic ground rules. Well, one morning she got especially mad, and told us to stop playing tricks on her at night and to obey our curfew. Confused, we asked her what she meant. She told us that it wasn’t nice to run around at night, giggling, and wake her up just to run back in bed and pretend we were asleep. I know for certain we had done no such thing, as at the time, we shared a bedroom. We had heard nothing of the sort and kept telling her she was mistaken. It was not until another month had passed that someone in a local bar let slip a girl had died there. Then the giggling and footsteps stopped. Strange.  

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

▶ Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter

The Kelly–Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, and to a lesser extent the Kelly Green Men Case, is the name given to a series of allegedly connected incidents of alleged close encounters with supposed beings.

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▶ Death of Thomas Mantell

 The Mantell case occurred on January 7, 1948. He was a member of the Kentucky Air National Guard, and while on a routine flight, would become the first pilot to lose his life while persuing a UFO, at least that we know about.

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▶ The Haunted Eltham Palace Magdalene Painting

This is The Haunted Eltham Palace Magdalene, a painting to which strange events have been attributed, and sometimes captured on tape.

Perhaps haunted by the model who posed for it.  A 17th century painting of Mary Magdalene, (perhaps 1633) controvertibly attributed to Anthony van Dyck. From 1621 to 1627 van Dyck worked in Italy, and this painting shows the influence of Guido Reni, particularly Reni’s Mater Dolorosa. In April of 1632 van Dyck returned to London, was taken under the wing of the court of King Charles, and knighted. He was provided a house on the river at Blackfriars, and a suite of rooms in Eltham Palace, no longer used by the Royal family, as a country retreat. The painting was once part of a larger canvas, but this portion was cut out, supposedly because of reports of strange movements in the figure, in the eyes and mouth, and its heavy sighs.

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▶ The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel has many stories but no of which have been violent, so it appears that the ghostly residents are just that, residents. Hotel workers and guests have commented on hearing the piano in the Ballroom being played, when it is investigated no one was found at the piano or even in the Ballroom. The employees of The Stanley Hotel believe that it is the wife of Mr Stanley that is the ghostly piano player.

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▶ Ten Cases Of Horrifying Premature Burials

Being buried prematurely is one of the most terrifying of all fears. Edgar Allan Poe wrote about it and it has been the subject matter of many horror movies. Surprisingly real life cases of this terrible mistake are more common than one might think. Years ago when embalming wasn’t as common and because of inferior medical equipment to detect life there are numerous cases where people have had the terrifying experience of regaining consciousness in their own coffin. This list includes 10 such cases. Some sources for the list are from newspaper articles or journals and include the exact text which gives you a feeling of the time period. Another main source used for this list is a book written in 1905 called Premature Burial and How it May be Prevented which includes several actual cases of premature burials.

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▶ Gettysburg Battlefield

Few would argue that Gettysburg Battlefield is one of the most haunted places in the U.S. As the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War, nearly 8,000 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed and tens of thousands more were injured there on July 3, 1863. There have been numerous sightings of ghost soldiers, sounds of battle, recorded EVP and even video.

  • Visitors to the park have reported seeing and even talking to these phantoms from the past only to have them mysteriously vanish.
  • Screams and moans, the sounds of gun and cannon fire — all echoes from the horrific battle are occasionally heard and even recorded.
  • One of the most compelling ghost video ever recorded was shot at Triangular Field by Tom Underwood in 2001.

Read more for the list of ghost sightings and some ghost pictures. 

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