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I just saw your doppelgänger section and it reminded me of two things that happened to my mum and I when my family lived in rural Australia.

We lived in a pretty old house on acreage, and weird stuff happened sometimes. Our salt shakers would move, and the cat used to watch things move that we couldn’t see, but since I was a kid I ignored a lot of it.

She was standing at the sink, washing vegetables and looking out into the yard. Suddenly, my little sister, Kate, came through the back door. She stared at mum for a minute, then turned away. My mum turned around and asked Kate where she was going, but she ignored her. Mum watched her walk across the kitchen into the laundry. She followed Kate into the laundry, but she was gone. My mum was scared she might have gotten into the washing machine, so she searched the laundry but couldn’t find her.

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Little Brother

Here is one of the many personal ghost stories I have. I don’t mind if you believe it or not, but, it happened.

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▶ Pills


I also have a similar story to “I want to go back” and “go back to bed”! I hadn’t thought about it in a while until those two caught my eye and made me think back to a very similar event.

It was back in high school when I was living with my mom and my grandmother in a tiny little house in the middle of nowhere. My mom had been bad off since early middle school (a botched surgery and 9 corrective surgeries in a year had her spiraling down into pain med addiction. The whole nine yards) and was still addicted to pain medication that she guarded with her life.

I was in my second period class when I got a message to go to the office because I had a phone call. I went down and my mom was raging on the phone, demanding I tell her where I hid her medicine. Naturally, I had no idea what on earth she was talking about and tried to explain to her there was no way I could have taken her medicine since I caught the bus around 6.30 in the morning and had been at school since. She wouldn’t listen to me and said that I was in for it when I got home, then hung up. I figured she had just misplaced it somewhere and didn’t think about it for the rest of the school day.

When I got home, she was sitting on the porch smoking and looked like death. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me that I had been home all day. I was really confused and asked her to explain it all. She said that after she had called me at school she walked into the kitchen and I was standing in there, laughing at her. I looked her in the eyes, and then walked away back into the laundry room, still laughing. She said she followed me, but when she got back there it was empty. Mom said that she figured she was just seeing things (that did happen fairly often) and turned and went back into the kitchen when she saw me standing in front of my bedroom door. She said i looked really really angry, and she asked why I was I at home and not at school. The other me didn’t answer, but glared at her, then opened my door, went into the bedroom and slammed it as hard as it could. She said she ran in there to yell at me for being loud, but the room was empty. It freaked her out, so she decided to stay outside until the real me got back.

I guess, take from it what you will. I went and checked out my room and the laundry room and didn’t see anything, and nothing else happened after that, but I did find her medicine in my pillow case when I went to bed that night. She never asked for it again, and I threw it out later on. We bring the story up sometimes when we’re talking about weird junk, and she always laughs and says, “I still don’t know what on earth the other you thought was so damn funny. I’ve never heard you laugh so loud in your life.”

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: 
Keeping with todays doppelganger theme. ;) 7/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

▶ I Want to Go Back

ghoulinq submitted:

So, I was scrolling through your blog and I read the most recent submit titled “Go Back to Bed” . The reason this caught my attention and sent chills down my spine is because my mother had an eerily similar experience. She’s only talked about it once to my father and I happened to be eavesdropping.

Now we (my mother and I) used to go on vacations to Mexico every summer to visit family and friends, however soon it was just too expensive to keep doing it so we stopped.  But apparently something really freaked my mother out on our last trip there when I was about 7 or 8.

She told my father that we were at one of my aunts’ house and it was very late so she decided we should just spend the night there instead of taking a taxi so late at night. She said that I was complaining and upset and I kept saying that I wanted to go back to my other aunt’s house where we were originally going to stay the night. I remember this as well because this house freaked me out. It was big and old and the neighborhood it was in wasn’t the best. I liked my other aunt better too. So after a lot of pestering and complaining she said that she agreed to call a taxi and we’d go back. 

Now here’s where it gets strange. I was sitting in the living room, I know this as well because it’s one of the less creepy rooms in that house. My mother said she went to the guest room where we were going to sleep to fetch her purse and my backpack, but she stopped short when she saw me sitting on the bed. She told my dad that she was very unsettled because she’d just seen me in the living room, but thought maybe I’d gone in through the bathroom since it was shared by that room and another one as well. She said that she told me to go back to the living room and that I just smiled. She grabbed her purse and my backpack and told me to get off the bed so we could go. I (or whatever the hell that was) laughed. She told my dad that she was very scared at how I was acting so she told me to hurry up and that she’d be waiting in the living room and left the room quickly. When she was back in the living room there I was, sitting on the couch, waiting like how she’d left me. I know for a fact that I never left that couch, because I was grumpy and I just wanted to go back to my other auntie’s house. I don’t recall anything strange about that night personally, but I know my mom did sternly ask me if I was snooping around the house and I told her no because I never left the couch. She didn’t mention anything about what she saw to me, probably so as not to scare me. 

I don’t know if maybe it was from how tired we were and how late it was, and maybe my mom just imagined it in the dark house. But maybe it did happen, I don’t know. But seeing that someone else had an experience with this and how freaked my mother sounded is quite chilling. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: I probably should of mentioned it before- on the other story- but it was early morning and I didn’t even think! Anyway, there are a lot of occurrences like this, so yeah, its not too far out that your mum experienced something similar to the other story. These creepy doubles are usually known as doppelgangers! And not to creep anyone out further but they’re usually said to be an omen of bad luck or death. We have a page about other similar stories here.7/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

▶ Go Back to Bed

So, a little background on my family. I lived with my mom and my sister in a sketchy neighbourhood in Toronto. Our apartment building never had any complaints about supernatural occurrences, but what happened to my mother when I was around 8 years old won’t leave my mind.

Every weekend, my sister and I would sleep over at our dad’s house. You know, standard procedure for newly divorced couples, nothing crazy. Usually when we’re gone, my mom would stay up watching whatever crappy movies they had playing on t.v. 

My mom was curled up on the sofa like usual, sipping her tea when she saw someone standing in the doorway to the living room. She looked over and it was me. She said I was just standing there, watching her with my favourite blue elephant in my hand.

Like any normal mother, she asked why I was up so late, and told me to go back to bed, but I wouldn’t move from my spot in the doorway. 

She said I suddenly smiled at her and said I love you. But the thing was, I said “I love you, Ruth”…. not mom. 

This kind of creeped out my mom for a bit but she just smiled and continued watching the movie once I left. At the end of the movie, she went to the t.v listings guide and saw the date

It was a Saturday. I had been at my fathers house since the night before. My mom checked the whole house but she didn’t find a trace, there was only my blue elephant on my bed like it normally is.

My mom couldn’t spend the night alone for a long time after that to say the least.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: this one was pretty spooky too. 8/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing. 

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Anon Submitted

This is a true story that happened to me that truly freaks me out whenever I rehash it. I have never vacationed here again, and I haven’t told anyone other than my close friends this story.

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spastic-fantastic submitted:

Double Dad
Okay, so recently I was on a roadtrip with my dad. We drove from Seattle to Colorado Springs in about a week. Anyway, just after leaving our hotel in eastern Utah (around Moab), we headed towards the main highway so we could get to Aspen, Colorado.

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ghostly-dancer submitted

The Other Me

Written at 8:19PM.

I am so fucking scared right now. Scared to the point where I’m shaking, and that’s very rare for me. 

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The Mimic

At my ex-step-father’s house, I lived in the basement with my step brother.

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Another me

This story happened to my friend when we were high school. 

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Following my sister

years and years ago, when i was probably around 7 or 8, it was dinner time so my mom had sent me downstairs to go get my sister.

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My girlfriend and I just started our adult lives by moving in together. I’m 20, and she’s 19. One night we had fallen asleep out in the living room while watching a movie on the couch.

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A couple of months ago I was sleeping when I was awoken at 8 am by noise in the bathroom. I got up to walk by and see my grandma and wondered what she was doing home since she was supposed to be at work.

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what if reflections in mirrors are actually your doppelganger and every time you glance away they smile at you 

Mirrors and Dopplegangers

My family recently moved into a new house - and by new I mean previously uninhabited, so I’m doubtful of a haunting - and in the process of packing up all the junk in our shed, we rediscovered some old treasures. Among them was an old mirror, circular, with an old decorative iron frame. I love older looking things, and the glass was in pretty good condition, so I laid claim to it and we hung it on the wall near my bed.

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