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Anon Submitted

This is a true story that happened to me that truly freaks me out whenever I rehash it. I have never vacationed here again, and I haven’t told anyone other than my close friends this story.

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spastic-fantastic submitted:

Double Dad
Okay, so recently I was on a roadtrip with my dad. We drove from Seattle to Colorado Springs in about a week. Anyway, just after leaving our hotel in eastern Utah (around Moab), we headed towards the main highway so we could get to Aspen, Colorado.

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ghostly-dancer submitted

The Other Me

Written at 8:19PM.

I am so fucking scared right now. Scared to the point where I’m shaking, and that’s very rare for me. 

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The Mimic

At my ex-step-father’s house, I lived in the basement with my step brother.

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Another me

This story happened to my friend when we were high school. 

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Following my sister

years and years ago, when i was probably around 7 or 8, it was dinner time so my mom had sent me downstairs to go get my sister.

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My girlfriend and I just started our adult lives by moving in together. I’m 20, and she’s 19. One night we had fallen asleep out in the living room while watching a movie on the couch.

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A couple of months ago I was sleeping when I was awoken at 8 am by noise in the bathroom. I got up to walk by and see my grandma and wondered what she was doing home since she was supposed to be at work.

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what if reflections in mirrors are actually your doppelganger and every time you glance away they smile at you 

Mirrors and Dopplegangers

My family recently moved into a new house - and by new I mean previously uninhabited, so I’m doubtful of a haunting - and in the process of packing up all the junk in our shed, we rediscovered some old treasures. Among them was an old mirror, circular, with an old decorative iron frame. I love older looking things, and the glass was in pretty good condition, so I laid claim to it and we hung it on the wall near my bed.

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This happened a few years back on Halloween. My family and I decided that it would be fun to not use any of the lights in the house, to get into the spirit of Halloween. However, later that night, I had to go to the bathroom. Our house was situated that all of our rooms were right next to and across from one another’s, and the bathroom was on the other side of the house. So I went to the bathroom like nobody’s business, and I went back to my room like nobody’s business. Suddenly, both my brother and my mom came into my room and asked me: “I thought I saw you pass by earlier?” so I asked: “What do you mean?”

They said that before my actual return, in the hallway they saw a shadowy figure that looked exactly like me, wearing the same type of clothes, had the same posture, and they swore that they heard the sounds of my feet slightly dragging on the floor. So they called out to “me”, but they didn’t get an answer. And that brings to where I passed by “again”. They also mentioned that dogs started howling in the direction that “I” was going.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Creepy. 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing. 

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A doppelganger — also written “doppelgaenger” or “doubleganger” — is quite simply a double. It can be a ghost or physical apparition, but it is usually a source of psychological anxiety for the person who sees it. The word comes from the German Doppelgänger, literally meaning “double-goer,” and has found widespread use in popular culture.


Many different types of doppelganger have arisen in cultures around the world. A doppelganger may be an “evil twin,” unknown to the original person, who causes mischief by confusing friends and relatives. In other cases, the double may be the result of a person being in two places at once, or even an individual’s past or future self. Other times, the double is merely a look-alike, a second individual who shares a strong visual resemblance. The goals of the doppelganger often depend on the role it plays for the original person.

In Folklore

In folklore, the doppelganger is sometimes said to have no shadow or reflection, much like vampires in some traditions. These doubles are often malicious, and they can haunt their more innocent counterparts. They may give bad advice or put thoughts in their victim’s heads. Seeing one’s own doppelganger or that of a friend or relative is usually considered very bad luck, often heralding death or serious illness. In some traditions, a doppelganger is considered a personification of death.