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▶ The Vanishing Hitchhiker

A couple are driving along a highway, when they see a young girl
hitchhiking on the side of the road. It’s pretty hot, and she seems
safe enough, so they stop and pick her up.

She thanks them for picking her up, and gives them directions to
her home, a few miles down the road. Other than those few words,
she is silent.

When the couple arrive at the home, they turn around, surprised
that the girl is no longer in their back seat. Thinking she might
have slipped out of the car when they weren’t paying attention,
they walk up to the house, and knock on the door.

An older woman opens the door, and doesn’t seem surprised to be
greeted by the strangers.

"We picked your daughter up. . ." one of them begins.

"About five miles back, right?"

"Yes! Does she do this often?"

"Only on her birthday. Our daughter died 12 years ago today on
that highway.”