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▶ The Goatman

The Goatman is described as a hybrid creaturel part man and part goat. Some claim it is a relative of Bigfoot. Its appearance is similar to Greek God called Pan, or to the devil. In the first encounter reported, a couple was parked alone a lonely country road during a moon lit love making session, when the suddenly heard something banging on the hood of their car. Looking up they were scared to death to see the goat like creature staring at them, waving what looked like a double edged axe in it’s hand. The creature suddenly turned and dashed into the surrounding woods.

In another reported sighting, a woman heard her pet dog barking wildly outside, peering through a window she saw the shadowy figure of the creature moving about where the dog was tied up. Being to scared to go outside in the dark, she looked in the morning, only to discover the dog had been beheaded.