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The Baby.

Hey there, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it. I’m gonna post a very unnerving experience from my childhood on here that I hope you will like.

When I was ten, me and my brother enjoyed scaring each other as well as watching scary movies. We lived on an old farmhouse on the city outskirts. One day we decided to start digging around for treasure, me being a young kid and him being a teenage brother that had to oblige. We started at a rose bush near a row of trees to the left of our driveway. I dug for a minute and then we hit something. It was a small tin, enough to fit a loaf of bread in. We took it out and it smelled awful, but decided to put it on the front porch. 

The next morning, my grandma who lived with us commented that she had seen a woman in a wedding dress the previous night and said she was looking for something. My mom didn’t really listen to her but my brother who always thought the house was haunted was terrified. We didn’t think too much of it and just went on with our day. I pretty much forgot about the tin and slept well that night. Unfortunately my brother didn’t and started telling our parents about seeing something when he  went to the washroom in the night.

My dad decided to show us something that would completely throw us over and took out a book that he had. It was an autobiography of the farming family that had lived there previously and ended up moving down the street had left it there. We were looking at old photos of them and reading an excerpt, which detailed the house’s construction in the late 1800’s. It turns out that it was built for the newly-wedded couple who were expecting a baby. This is where it gets creepy. The baby died a stillborn and ended up getting buried where? In a tin under the rose bush. My brother and I immediately went and buried it back where it was and promptly never went over there again. 

The next day, my grandma decided to tell us that she had seen the woman again and she was now holding a baby in her arms.

Kind of long, but I hope you enjoyed this very strange event that I will never forget as long as I live!

Fuck Yeah Nightmares: Oh my god. You and your brothers dug up a baby. Okay, thats a ten… 10/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.