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I told you it was haunted.

So, for anyone who doesn’t know, last weekend was a big meteor shower. My mom and her friend were going to a place by our house, what used to be a trailer park before they took everything out a few years back. No street lights meant a better view of the stars. She let me take my friend, and we settled in on blankets and lawn chairs pretty close to the entrance, because the further back you got, the more overgrown it got.

I told them all it was haunted, mostly to scare them but I have had a couple strange experiences back there when exploring with my friends. Of course no one really believed me. So, a little ways into the night, my friend and I got restless, so we decided to head back to an old pond that was in the back of the park, to see if the old dock was still there. It was dark and we didn’t have our flashlight on. I heard a kitten, and of course, we both wanted to get the kitten to make sure it was ok. I stepped into the bushes and followed it a bit, but we never actually heard the kitten move. All of a sudden, something grabbed my ankle. I froze, felt a cold breeze pass through me (It was about 80 degrees that night, that breeze was arctic worthy) Something whispered, “Little girls don’t belong here.”

I grabbed my friends hand and we hurried back to my mom and her friend. I’m not quite sure what my friend felt, but you could tell she was freaked out, and she told me she now understood why I said it was haunted.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.