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Loudon Road

There’s a old country road on the outskirts of my small town called Loudon Road. The road has always been known to be the local “dare” among high school student looking for a scare. I recently went out on the road with a friend and her family.

They told us their stories from when they we’re in high school. The local outcasts would go out on the road at night and practice black magic and Satanic beliefs(not Laveyan Satanism.) This past weekend I was at a sleepover and for a scare before bedtime, we began to tell scary stories. The road came up and there was this one story in particular that sparked my interest. A friend and her boyfriend were driving out at night listening to a police scanner and someone had called in saying there a had been a big man dressed in all black, dragging around a chain on Loudon Rd..The police later came back on saying they went to scope it out and hadn’t found anyone. Another girl at the sleepover had been familiar with the big man but on a different account..Supposedly there had been reports of a big man, dressed in all black, dragging a chain for years and every time the police went to check it out. They have yet to find or even sight this man. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.