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▶ The Strange Digging Creature

One Woman’s tale on how she saw the most odd creature in her life.

"This happened in July, 2004, but I still have nightmares about the house and the things that happened there," reports Yoli. "I live in South Africa and at the time I was living with my grandparents on their small farm outside of town. (July in South Africa is winter.) My bedroom window was open and as I went to close it as I was feeling uneasy for some reason.

"I pulled back the curtain, and as I touched the window I heard a shoveling sound outsidevery close to the window. When I looked over, I saw this “thing”. I don’t know what it was, but the moonlight let me see just enough of it to freak me out. It had long hair and abnormally long arms, was short and kind of gray in colour.

"Everyone I told said that I dreamed it and no one believed me. A year later, I was listening to a local radio show and they were talking about strange happenings in the world and the man on the show said he saw something when he was a boy visiting his grandparents on their farm and he described the exact same thing I saw!"

Thanks for that eerie report, Yoli. There are frequent reports of unknown creature sightings, and most of them are probably misidentifications of known animals. There are many reports, however, that make us wonder.