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Third Bridge

i don’t know if anyone has ever talked about this spot before but it’s been known for high paranormal activities. I honestly didn’t believe it until last night. I live in Parker which is town a half hour outside of Denver, we’re a boring town so I always wrote off any ghost stories as high schoolers being bored and needing some entertainment on Saturday nights. It takes a good thirty minutes to drive out east to the countryside past the ends of town. I know for a fact that two things happened there, there was blare Indian massacre there and only about a decade where there a bunch of teenagers killed in a crash at that very bridge. My two friends and I got there around eleven thirty and literally the secnod I stepped out of the car I could hear them, tribal drums. As we stood there the drumming would get louder ad more erratic, changing tempo and rhythm. Needless to say I was terrified… We didn’t experience anything else. I heard lots of stories of sightings of spirits. I plan to go back soon. The creakiest part was we drove about a mile away to chill and look at the stars. Everything was quiet at first but then he started hearing the drumming again… Faintly at first but then it just got louder and louder as if it had been following us.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.