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Goatman’s Bridge

Goatman’s Bridge in Denton, Texas really isn’t the best of places to hang out after dark. I’ve been there multiple times after dark and have had experiences every time, but nothing was as violent as what happened to me and four of my friends a few weeks ago.

Right after we got to the bridge (off of Alton Road and Teasley in Denton), myself and two of my friends went into the right side of the woods, and right away our flashlight was starting to dim. I had been very close to my friend, and our out-of-state friend was behind us. We felt something move between us, and not long after that I decided we needed to go back to the bridge. 

When we exited the woods, two of our friends that had opted to stay on the bridge were waiting for us. One of them was complaining about her back, so we took a look and there were about four scratch marks down her back and one across her neck. She had never physically scratched herself or anything, they just appeared there.

As we hung around just chatting and hanging out, I stood on the edge of the bridge leaning against the railing, looking out over the small river. Sometimes if you let your eyes relax and look out over the river, you can see things physically moving across the water. As I stood there, I suddenly thought how scary it would be if I or one of my friends were to fall and drown in the river, and not a few seconds after that thought, I felt a harsh shove and heard a gravely voice say “they’re not your friends”. My friend who had gone into the woods had been standing right behind me, and she saw me get shoved. I looked back at her and said we need to go, now. As we left, I was noticing things moving in the trees and in the woods, but I chose not to say anything to my friends. We didn’t even tell them what happened to me on the bridge until we were sitting on the side of the road not five minutes later.

Speaking of which, after we left, we were driving down the long and twisted dark road that leads back to the highway, and suddenly we all heard a loud noise, the car jerked and something popped. My friend pulled over, and we found that the back right tire (directly under where I had been sitting) had blown. After we called my roommates to come help us, we noticed that it looked like someone had taken their hand and pulled a chunk of the inner wall out of the tire. After the tire got changed thanks to my roommates, we continued on our way.

I have literally no recollection of anything after telling my friend how to get back to the freeway, and turning onto the road that led to the exit to I-35. My friends say that I was in the back seat very quiet, and I would say things like “hands are weird”, or “skin feels strange”, and other generally unsettling things like that. They also noted that when we entered downtown Denton again and were on our way back to our friends’ apartment, nobody knew where we were, but I was in the back seat saying “I know where we are” in a very weird, sing-songy voice, and that I wouldn’t tell them how to get back to the apartment. When we got closer, I began saying other weird things, and when we arrived at the apartment, my friend said she had to open the door and yank me out of the back seat, and that my eyes were unusually dilated. What I remember next is opening my eyes and seeing the pool outside of their apartment, and wondering how the hell we got home so quick (our friend was driving very slow due to her using the donut tire). My friends then told me what happened in the car and even now, it still bothers me that I was not in control of what I was doing or saying.

After that, I went home and used sage in my room to purify, and my roommates even drew salt lines at all the doors and windows. Our cats didn’t seem disturbed in the least, so that was my sign that everything was going to be fine.

Since then, I have promised myself that I would never return to that bridge ever again. Little weird things have happened to me since that night, and I would very strongly advise anyone curious to not visit and to leave that area alone. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.