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whats your opinion on Ouija boards? Do you think they are actual spirits or just nothing? I want to believe they are real, because I'm interested by them, but I find it hard to believe because every time you play a spirit will respond, what are the chances of that? Just want your opinion.

yeah i know what you mean to be honest 

like i for one have never used an ouija board but i like to hear other peoples point of views on the topic of the boards 

but most that i’ve heard have been negative so i don’t really think its wise to play them especially linked to the zozo post 

but my main opinion on them would be that don’t play with something that you don’t 100% understand on what you’re doing 

it would be best to learned about them more before you dive into playing them but thats just my point of view as i prefer not to play ouija boards because of the bad things i’ve heard about them