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The Unknown Man 

Absolutely swear on my life this happened. Okay so my family own this holiday house in the middle of the country and it’s quite deserted - we live in Australia hah - and a while back when I was a bit younger we used to drive out to an even more isolated place where our family friends lived. Their house was basically a couple hours from ours and it was so ridiculously far from everything, just a large house somehow tucked into a nook of this cliff slide. It was really hard to find due to the uneven and windy terrain with next to no landmarks. I just want to emphasize the point that they were literally the only people in the area for miles. 

So okay one night we were coming back quite late from their house and the weather was terrible. It was icy cold and the foggiest I’ve ever seen at night - even driving with our headlights on we could only see a couple metres in front of the car. I was quite scared already because, well, driving around a cliff face when it’s foggy is obviously so risky and dangerous and omg okay I’m getting off track. Anyway we were driving along and I was looking out my window and as we drove past I saw a man walking alongside the road.

It was rather odd because he was sort of immersed in the fog and seriously why would you be walking around here at night when there is nothing nearby? And then a couple minutes later we drive past him again. We drive past the same guy. Walking alongside the road. Walking. Which clearly does not make sense because we overtook him, right? So I’m sort of scared but I don’t say anything because my mum and my brother are sleeping and I don’t want to scare anyone.

He doesn’t appear again for a while and I’m feeling quite relieved as it’s been about 15 minutes. We’re just getting to the end of the road that goes along the cliff and I’m just resting my head on the window when I see something out of the corner of my eye. I look up just as we pass the same man, facing the road and standing completely still, extremely close to our car. Needless to say I screamed and was scared shitless but despite my reaction no one believed me. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Well, I believe you.  10/10 and thanks for sharing.