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The Rocking Chair

When I was 13, my mother was dating a man that lived in a 100+ year-old house on the Tennessee-Alabama border in the city of Ardmore. It belonged to the town’s doctor: he lived upstairs and kept his practice on the bottom floor. As far as I know, he was a well-respected man and had a generally good life. While my mother’s boyfriend lived there, he kept the top floor sealed off as it was old and the possibility of falling through became more of a reality each year. I have only ever been in the upstairs room once.

Whenever my mother would be at the house alone, she would come back with stories of strange things happening. Unexplained door slammings, names whispered in the silence, and faucets suddenly turning on were par for the course and I never believed a word of it.

One night, my boyfriend and I were staying at the house, and it was past one in the morning (being city kids, we couldn’t sleep in the country silence). Right above our heads, very much all of a sudden, came a rhythmic, wooden noise. It sounded just like someone using a rocking chair on the floor above us, the floor that had been sealed for almost four years. We knew there was no possible way that anybody in the house could be upstairs. We listened for about ten minutes and it abruptly stopped.

The next morning, after relating this story to my mother and her boyfriend, we begged to see the upstairs room. Eventually, we were able to go up there, and discovered that many of the doctor’s old possessions remained in the house, covered in layers of dust.

The only one that concerned me, however, was therocking chair sitting directly above the place where I was trying to sleep the night before. Aside from the disturbing fact that I had heard this rocking chair only hours ago, it too was covered in dust, and completely broken into pieces on the floor.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Creepy.  9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.