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For the longest portion of my life, I lived in a one-floor house in a small town down south.  Many strange things happened among my family throughout the years of living there, but none affecting anyone as much as this occurrence affected me.

One night, my mother approached me to ask if I would take a photo of her new outfit to send to my father.  At the time, only my parents had cell phones and we weren’t given any until we started learning how to drive.  My father is a trucker, and since he was out of the house and mom really wanted him to see this outfit I agreed and took her phone.  As she adjusted the straps on her sandals, I noticed three floating orbs in the phone’s screen.  Amused, I call my mother over to look, and we played with it for a bit to see if it was from the lights or if it was something paranormal.  This is inturrupted by the house phone ringing and mom left my side to answer.

I continued to play with the phone before the focus landed on the window.  It had taken me a moment to process what I had saw before a wave of heat ran through my body and I experienced a level of fear I had only ever felt once before when I was almost attacked by a stray dog less than a year before.

I frantically give the phone back to my mother and quickly leave the room.  Once the phone call was over, my mom caught up to me and asked me what had happened.  I explained everything.

When I was looking through the phone, I had a perfect view of both the actual window and the window in the phone’s camera.  In the phone’s view, a pair of what looked like bright red eyes opened up and thinned as if whatever they belonged to had grinned or changed expression. There were no other features. I didn’t see if they closed or not, considering I panicked and left the room.  My mother had to call our current preacher in order to try and calm me down.

My brothers tried to blow it off and just say that I had saw a car through the window.  The biggest problem with that would be that the road along the house was parallel to the window, meaning that someone would have been backing up in order for the lights to line up the way that they had.  Besides, who would back up into our side-yard?  And why would their tail lights just suddenly open rather than, I don’t know, being on the entire time? Plus, our window was high off the ground and a car is definitely not tall enough (or small enough) to have been right outside the window.

For at least two weeks after the incident, my personality was different and I was not well rested.  I had actually had a teacher who approached me to ask what was wrong with me because while at the time, despite being a bit of a shy and reserved person, I was pretty friendly with the teachers.

I personally believe I saw a demon that night.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered: Creepy. 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.