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Chupacabra Sighting. 

One night in 2000, Mary C. and a friend were driving down a road they had traveled many times before. “It was mostly dark except for a couple of lights that guided the way,” Mary said. “To the side of this street is a fairly wooded area with an open sewer line about a mile away.”

As they reached the end of the street, Mary’s attention wasdrawn by a pair of “glowing eyes.” At first she naturally assumed it was a dog or cat, the eyes of which commonly reflect brightly in headlights. The eyes were staring out of a hollowed-out tree that Mary knew since childhood. Then something unexpected happened. “As we approached the tree,” Mary said, “whatever it was began to hop across the street like a kangaroo, but extremely fast.”

Unfortunately, Mary’s friend didn’t see the unusual sight, so Mary shrugged it off as possibly an injured dog. She might have forgotten about the incident had she not seen the creature again a few nights later. “We were headed for that [same] street again on our way to a friend’s house. Lo and behold, [the creature] came from the same tree and rapidly darted past the car. Only this time we both saw it. It had back legs like a kangaroo’s, even the forelegs were up like a kangaroo’s. This thing was no kangaroo. It had a snout resembling an anteater’s and very red eyes gleaming in the light. As it crossed the street, it stared at the car, probably in fear, seeing as how it ran the last time it saw the car. It was hairy like a rat and it stood about thee to four feet high as it hopped. I don’t know what it was, but I have never seen any animal around here that looked like that and neither had my friend.”