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Speaking about odd cases to do with children seeing or saying strange things. 

Lets call my friend “D” in this story.

My friend’s Mum told me once that when she was a baby in her womb, she used to have a twin sister. But she died very early in the pregnancy. So it was D’s third birthday party and her Mum was talking to her. 

"Oh you are now three!" 

Then D replied. 

"No I am not three."  So of course her mother kept correcting her, thinking she was just being a kid. 

"No you are three years old D. Why do you think you are not three years old?"

Then D replied.

"Because there is two of me." 

So at this stage her Mother was highly freaked out and had to walk out of the room for a bit, haha. I just remembered this story there now.