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▶ Don’t Look at the End of the Bed.


About half a year ago I began having quiet a difficult time either falling asleep or staying asleep. Most times, I believed it was due to my hyperactive mind, but as time rolled on, it continued to get worse. Most nights I was lucky to get six hours of sleep before classes. Now, a few weeks after this began, I developed the  idea that it was not a hyper mind that kept me up, but rather the spirit, or rather, spirits in my room.

     From the beginning of moving into the house this happened in, I always felt like something was there, though it was always a benevolent presence and remained so until the end of our two and a half year stay there. However, I would often go to sleep with the sense that someone was watching me and moving around my room. Sometimes I’d hear someone’s footsteps on the carpet or tapping on the various paintings on my walls, but rarely saw anything.

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▶ John


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My boyfriend’s mother had this beautiful house, two stories, overlooking an acre of forrest. One day, my boyfriend and were asked to house sit as his mother, father,  and two sisters were out of town. The house had a reputation of being haunted and the ghost, John, lived in the fireside room downstairs

The day passes with nothing out of ordinary. We have dinner, we water the plants, and then we go and watch a few movies downstairs in the media room which is situated across from the fireside room.

I remember talking to my boyfriend about the ghost and he explained to me that 3AM is the witching or “haunting hour” — the time when we are the most susceptible to witness paranormal activity. 

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▶ Shadow People


My cat stares at nothing quite often, so I’ve never paid anymore attention to it than the occasional glance. Cats are weird, man.

But sometimes its head moved, following something - I’ve always thought a small bug or dust too tiny for me to see - around the room. It freaked me out, especially on the nights I was watching a horror flick. 

It never bothered me more than that. Cats are weird, the sky is blue. It was nothing.

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My story actually begins a little under eight years ago. I was eight, it was summer, and I was just, for the first time in my life, learning about the paranormal through books.

I loved reading, ever since I was a little kid. My Mom would buy books by the dozens for me, and I’d reach each one by the end of the day. Granted, they were little picture books we got at the secondhand store. But still. And books would become my escape.

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From personal experience…

So, this happened years ago, back when I was a high school senior, our class went on a trip—3 days, 2 nights—and me and 4 of my friends shared a room, we stayed at some sort of convent, and from what we’ve heard from the other class who’ve been there before us, there have been some weird and pretty creepy happenings in there before.

One night, after our scheduled activities we all headed back to our rooms to get ready for bed, and while waiting, I decided to tell my friends some ghost stories, just for fun. But they all told me to stop cause they were scared. Lights off,then they all went to sleep, and I really wasn’t that sleepy yet so, being the weird kid that I am, I kind of wanted to really see/feel a ghostly presence for myself, just to see if the stories we’ve heard from the others were real.

I closed my eyes, and started to whisper something to myself (as if I was talking to someone else) I said something like, "If you really do exist, I would like you to show yourself, or at least make your presence known."…a minute or 2 passed, I opened my eyes and nothing happened. After that, I decided the stories were fake and just shrugged it off and tried to go to sleep.

Around 10:30, just when I was about to fall asleep, I heard someone from our room screaming, although I really couldn’t understand what they were saying, me and the other 2 got up to see who it was, when we realized it was one of our friends (the other one really didn’t wake up cause she was kind of a heavy sleeper), we rushed to her bed and asked her what was going on, she really wasn’t awake, but she really wasn’t quiet either.

Her eyes were closed and she kept shaking her head, and her legs were kind of shaking and swaying, and I swear I could hear her mumbling something. I then tried to shake her, hoping she’d wake up, asking her what’s going on. And that’s when she looked up at me with eyes wide open and a creepy smile, she then  said "Yeeessss..?" and she really didn’t seem like herself, it’s almost as if she was possessed. And that kinda scared me, our other friend thought she was kidding, so she got annoyed and asked her to stop fooling around, and told us to go back to sleep, so we did.

Right as we got back to our beds, our friend still didn’t stop making those weird noises, and her legs shook more violently and I heard her voice go from normal to really low pitched, almost sounding like a man’s voice, or probably even lower, so low I could barely hear it and the words she kept mumbling still won’t make sense.

And that’s when I remembered, what I’ve done earlier…asking for someone or something  to show themselves to me or make their presence known. So, thinking it’s what’s been causing all of this, I closed my eyes again and whispered "Okay, we now know you’re here, please, just please leave us alone now. I’m sorry." I kept repeating those words over and over until after almost a minute, my friend stopped…

After that I think I fell asleep, and at around 4:30am, we all got out of bed, we then asked our friend what was going on with her last night and she literally had no clue what we were talking about, she told us she’s been sleeping the whole time and the only time she woke up was at exactly 12 midnight and we were all sleeping…

She says she did notice something that time though, and that was the little girl standing at the foot of my bed.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: You gotta be careful what you invite in! 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ -this is 100% true-

One night when i was in my room i felt creepy and sad. so i went to bed, and in my dream i saw my grandma (i’ve never met her, she commited suicide when my mom was my age.) and she told me to be careful that the devil was looking for me. i woke up and ran to my dads room and told him what happened, and he told me this story;

"one time, when you were only a few months old, me and your mom went to her friends house to talk to him, so when we got there they went into the bedroom and i stayed in the living room with you and played this old video game. about 30 minutes later, all the lights went out and you woke up screaming and crying, so i picked you up and ran into the bedroom and i saw your mom and her friend playing in the room with a ouija bored trying to talk to her mom. your mom was always using those things trying to speak to her. i told her we had to leave so we left and when we got home it felt.. silent and creepy. so we all went to bed. as soon as i fell asleep i had a dream that i was in your room and this green, glowing, THING was standing over your crib trying to hold you, but when it saw me it ran over, got into my face, and i will never forget this. all i could see was its red eyes, and its glowing green face.. it had horns and its hair was brown and messy. and it screamed. to this day i haven’t forgotten the scream.. and then i woke up. me, you and your mom woke up at the same time. i looked at your mom and i knew, she had the same dream. later that say when i asked her about it, she had the exact same dream.. and she could even explain the face i saw in my dream. we moved out of that house and we never spoke to that man again. but sometimes i see that thing in my dreams standing over you, trying to get to you, but now i see your grandma standing next to you. i think she’s your guardian." 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Oujia Boards never seem to work out when attempting to contact friendly spirits. 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Night terrors or night mares.

Before I start my story I would just like to explain that I have been waking up in the early hours of the morning usually around 6am with the most bizare sensations. I was told it was night terrors but they manufest themself differently to everyone I know who gets them. I wake up confused. Somethings not right and I don’t feel like Im in my own body. I will usually wonder around trying to work on why my world feels like its upside down. I then get scared and panicy because I can’t escape this bizare sensation. I get out of them by stimulating a sence only a human could feel. Pain, cold or human contact. I have been found screaming on the floor and then picked up hugged and chucked into a cold shower. Whats weird is I remember it all so it can be embarrersing when I snap out of it. I have never seen anything in these states of mind until about a year ago.

I woke up at about 4am and I could feel the confused sensation coming on. I was lying in bed and looked up only to see a chared angel like figure standing in my room. It wasn’t gory, or angry it was chared like coal The thing that stood out most to me was its eyes. There were eye balls also charred, but there was no deffinition. No pupils or cornia just black. I looked at it for a bit but I felt pretty indifferen’t. It just didn’t phase me but I knew it was invading my privacy. I told him/her/it to leave and put my head back on the pillow. A second later I looked up and it was walking up to me. I told it to leave again still completely indifferen’t by this…thing…Once it got close to me I got really angry at it and told it to fuck of. It stopped turned around and walked into the darkest corner of my room until I couldn’t see it. I put my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes, still feeling this confused sensation and still not giving a damn about the demonic figure who was previously roming my room. About five seconds later I sat bolt upright and turned my light on. It was a complete relisation to what had just happened. I just sat there for a while. I was massively shaken and I knew I wouldnt be able to sleep. My walls were creeking alot which was strange because it wasn’t windy outside. I couldn’t stand the sound of silence either it freaked me out. I went out into the front room and tryed to sleep on the sofa whilst I had a late night channel running quietly in the background but I felt a presence and couldnt sleep. So I went back to my room but I wasnt going to stay in there with my light out. I went into the pantry and grabbed light baulbs but every time I picked one up it smashed in my hand. This happened three times and I couldnt feel any pain in my hand at all. To this day I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricls on me and it was infact me smashing light baulbs or something way more out of this world. When I woke up though I had cut up hands and there was quite alot of blood on my bed sheets. I don’t remember how I went to sleep but Im pretty sure I just passed out when I saw the sun coming up. 

When ever I tell this story to freinds its night terrors because I don’t like it when people question my sanity.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I don’t think night terrors would cause cuts on your hands! 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Imaginary Friends.

This is a very personal story for me, and I haven’t really built up the courage to write about it until I read other peoples stories and experiences.

When I was younger, I had two imaginary friends, well, actually I had more than two, but the only two who stuck around were Ivy and Leonard. 

Ivy, with onyx colored hair and green eyes, and around the age of a seven year old. Leonard, a tall man, with friendly eyes that were a hazel brown. 

My mother says I used to have full conversations with them, to the point where it almost made her more scared than she had originally been when she learned their names.

See, when my mom was little, she also had two imaginary friends, named Ivy and Leonard. Same spelling, same description that I had as a child. 

My mother had those imaginary friends till she was in her late pre-teens. As she grew older, she said they slowly started to only show up when she was alone, and usually when she was scared, sad, or stressed.

Now if I still have your attention, this is where things become interesting.

My mom lived in an Victorian home in an old town in Oregon state. I remember visiting that home, because it was where my grandmother lived till I was six years old. I lived there with my grandma, my mom, my dad, and little brother till she decided to move, and then we moved to Washington. My mother lived there her entire life, and from what my mom, her five sisters, and my grandma say it was a very interesting experience.

The house had been around for a very long time, but, there had to be repairs done to the house before my grandparents moved in. The previous owners had told my parents that there had been a fire in part of the upper part of the house, but repairs had been made and now it was completely fine. 

What my mom hadn’t known till her pre-teen years, is that the fire had started in the room she stayed in. Now, in the town that she lived in, they would take spare wood that was in good condition from homes that were being torn down, and apparently the wood that had been used to make the repairs was from another home.

My mother swears up and down that there is no way she would have ever mentioned Ivy or Leonard to me. But from what I remember of them, I felt like I had known them forever.

I would vent to them when I was scared, and I remember Ivy hugging me. I remember Leonard reading us stories. I remember them like they were real people. 

My mom says that I used to draw them, and that she had drawn them too. Like they wanted to be seen. 

I continued to see them after my Grandma moved, till I was eight. I remember, because they weren’t anywhere around me for my ninth or tenth, and they had always been there before.

While they may have been figments of my imagination, I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something else. I really don’t know what to call them, so I call them my old imaginary friends.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: It’s very interesting that you had the exact same imaginary friends! 5/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Mike’s Tattoo

My boyfriend, Kyle, was very close to his Uncle Mike. Mike was 7 years older than Ky and they were so close, they were like brothers, everyone said they were. I never met Mike, so I wouldn’t know. Anyway, May 21st, 2011, Mike died of a drug over dose. Kyle was in the hospital with him since the day he was first hospitalized, a week or so before his death. Kyle was told the 19th that Mike was going to die, and never left his side. The 21st Kyle will swear up and down that Mike woke up, told Kyle he loves him and that everything would be okay and then died. No one believe’s him, and he swears that Mike woke up.

Any way, i was at Kyle’s house November 19th, we were just hanging around in his room. Kyle goes into this trance like state. He gets really bad anxieties, they sometimes get bad enough to cause him seizures. Anyway, I ask Kyle what’s wrong, and he says, “Mike.” Kyle’s always told me that Mike visits him, and does it often. Mikes visits always upset Kyle because he doesn’t want to accept that Mike’s gone. Ky sits up and changes the song that’s playing. I pull him back and have him lay his head in my lap, I run my fingers through his hair and try to get him to calm down. His eyes dart from his ceiling to the piece of paper thumb tacked to his wall. The piece of paper is the tattoo Ky is getting in memory of Mike. I look at him and he says that Mike’s tattoo was moving. I look at it and it’s still. I shrug it off knowing that Kyle feels Mike here. Suddenly I look up at the door and Mike is smiling at me, I know its Mike because I’ve seen pictures of him. I smile back and this sense of just pure calm washes over me, it’s that kind of really safe and protected feeling. I nod but Mike’s not at the doorway anymore, and the door is open a crack. Kyle is still a little anxious but calmer nonetheless.

I had to leave Ky’s house a half hour later and I’m in my car and Ky texts me, “Did you take Mike’s tattoo?” I’m like, “No?” He said it was gone, completely, the thumb tacks were gone too. I said that’s weird and to check under his bed and such. He said he did, its not there, he checked his floor his bed under his bed everywhere. And the thumb tacks were gone too, so its not like one of the thumb tacks fell out, both were gone, and it’s not like the picture was ripped off the wall. It was just gone. About a week later I ask Kyle if he found Mike’s tattoo yet. He hadn’t. An hour later he says he found it, in his dresser drawer, at his other house. I’m like how the hell did it get there? He has no idea. His mom doesn’t know, no one knows. Well sort of no one, Kyle and I know it was Mike. It has to be. The tattoo is for Mike, and Mike and Kyle were so close, so of course it was Mike.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: It’s sweet that their bond survived his death. 2/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Bugs!

From age 11 to to about 15 I kept getting this returning case of the chicken pox, which is really unlikely because when you get chicken pox you most often don’t ever get it again. Which it eventually went away but I am still covered in scars from itching at them and having them very bad. 

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and I had what felt like chicken pox all over my body, just golf-ball sized welts all over my body and I had been itching like crazy in my half-awoken stupor. I got out of bed and for whatever reason saw bugs of some sort in my bed and I thought I’d been bitten by them and I grabbed my pillow and ran downstairs and slept on the couch, terrified and still itching. 

I woke up this morning with not a single mark on me, not even as much as a mosquito bite. These welts disappeared. 

It creeped me out really bad, I had to tell it somewhere. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: D: 5/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

 Doing Ouija boards were my favourite thing. Until one day, when a friend and I were doing one. We were going about it normally, talking to a spirit, when suddenly the planchette just stopped moving. The air around felt thicker and I had a hard time breathing. After I said good bye and got up to turn the lights on my friend goes ” Lets do it again, now.” I told her no, she got really upset and yelled at me, to please her, I said okay. We put our hands on the planchette, automatically it went to 6. I asked what’s 6, it went to 6 repeatedly. Thinking my friend was trying to freak me out, and she was moving it I go ” Ohh 6 like the Devil, am I right” it spelled out ” Worse” I looked to my friend and she just looked empty, indifferent. I was starting to get freaked out, I asked if we could go, it replied “Go where theres no place you can go I wont be” 
I kind of laughed. I told it we were going to go now. The thing replied ” no.” I said “yes” as soon as I took my fingers off my friend looked up, a sort of hate in her eyes, the fisrt emotion from her since we started. She said in a voice that wasn’t hers” I told you NOT to go!” and fell over limp, as soon as I went to touch her she started convulsing, I yelled for my mom and we got her to the hospital. The doctors said there wasn’t a cause for the seizure, she wasn’t on anything. 
Now, since then my friend hasn’t talked, this was months ago,  I feel like there has been something with me, watching me, things have happened that I can’t explain. I think the day that we got it, it never left.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: Send us an update when you can. I really hope your friend is alright! 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ Night Terror or Haunting?

I’ve only ever had one night terror I can remember when I was around 8 or 9. Well the night before I had one again and I am still jumpy and scared because of it. I was asleep and woke up and I was facing my closet I rolled over and my baby Brother was in my room asleep because he is sick and needs to be away from my baby Sister.  He was still asleep so I went to sleep. A few moments later I woke up and he was still asleep and I rolled back over to face the closet and there was a woman sitting in the middle of my floor and she smiled and her jaw cracked open so wide. I closed my eyes tight and pulled my blanket up to my neck. Well she moved next to me and was saying over and over again “I know you’re awake.” and I didn’t open my eyes still. Well then she started saying “I am under the blanket with you.” and I could feel her cold touch on my hand. I still do. She was laughing and saying this all over and over again. I even moved one arm and pulled Brother into me closer. Well finally our Dad knocked on the door and I jumped up and left and he took my Brother. I am starting to wonder was it a Night Terror or is there something unwanted sharing a room with me now.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey:  It does sound like sleep paralysis, but it’s very strange that she was speaking so clearly. For me, at least, I hear a lot of jumbled noise that I can’t make out! Let us know if you have any more experiences!  5/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

Okay, a friend of mine suffers from what she calls ‘blank moments’. She says it’s basically where her vision goes blurry, her mind goes blank and sometimes she even faints. She started having these a few years ago, and at first her parents thought she might be epileptic or something like that. They took her to the doctor, only to find out that there was nothing wrong with her.

It was around this time that I started noticing something odd. We’d been friends for a while, and always stayed round at eachothers houses. But out of nowhere, the sleepovers started to get really strange. She’d fall fast asleep really quickly, only to sit up in bed minutes later, sometimes with her eyes open, and start babbling really fast in some strange language that none of us could understand, despite the fact that between me and my other two friends who usually come to sleepovers we can speak French, German, English, and Spanish, and Cantonese. Sometimes, she would even stand up, eyes open, and start walking aimlessly around the room, all the while muttering to herself in some bizarre language that to this day we still can’t identify. Eventually, she would just lie back down and go to sleep.

At first, we thought she was faking, playing a joke on us or something. But even when we tried shaking her, telling her to stop pretending, to wake up, calling her name, that kind of thing, nothing would wake her. And what’s more, she never has any recollection of it happening, or even dreaming anything along those lines. She had, and still has, no idea why it happens, or how, or what she does or says while in this state.

Anyway, we don’t really know what’s going on, I just find it really quite spooky, because we can’t seem to find a logical explanation, even after years of this happening.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey:  That is really strange! 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ The Midnight Ride

This little “incident” occurred to my mother’s friend’s friend and pretty much explains why Lao people don’t travel alone at night during witching hours. 

About several years ago in a small village near the capital of Laos, the friend [name withheld for privacy] had a sick aunt who was so feeble, she was literally on her death bed. The friend volunteer at the local temple as a cleaner until evenings when he returns home to care for her. 

One evening, he finished sweeping the grounds and ready to depart on his motorcycle. By the time he locked the gates, it was half an hour to 12 am. The road he had to rode on is nothing more than a badly paved road where hardly any traffic was on, but it was a quick shortcut to his aunt’s home. 

The ride was usual, the same boring route until he spotted what seem like a white figure near the side of the road; hunched over and shuffling slowly. Being a good sport, he slows the motorcycle next to the pedestrian and asks if she need any help getting to her destination since it is a strange sight to see a woman traveling alone this late.

 Then eyes widen, he noticed the familiar figure is none other than his ill aunt, who shouldn’t even be able to move around. However, this apparition is pale, less human, and extremely bony. Short, extremely terrifying looking. 

Taking in his instincts, he immediately step on the gas pedal and zooms down the road, trying to distance himself from her. Having an urge to look behind, he nearly fall over his seat when he saw “his aunt” running along the vehicle, her face transplant to his. (To keep in mind, this is a brittle elder lady and the bike was traveling 30-50 miles or so??)

Now horrified, he adds more speed until he takes a turn towards the light of the neighbors’ homes where she vanishes into the banana trees. 

Upon reaching home where he shockingly entered, the whole house members were in mourning. Around 2 hours ago, the sickeningly aunt passed away in her sleep while he was still at the temple.

Within a week after the funeral process was over, he became a monk at that local temple and (hopefully) learn prayers and ways to avoid any more frightening night spirits. And now leaves any place before night-time.   

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I’ve heard of a lot of very similar experiences with a spirit keeping pace with a speeding car when the driver tries to escape from them. It’s good he was able to learn ways to protect himself! 7/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

▶ When the lights go off

I would like to share the story I experienced just 2 nights ago. But before that let me tell you the background story so you guys are in the same page with me. And I apologize if it’s too long.

I live in the capital city of Indonesia. Now here in Indonesia, we have A LOT of our own ghost types and stories, some similar to the ones in Malaysia and the Philippines.

One of the ghost story is about a ghost called Kuntilanak (or Pontianak or Kunti or Ponti in Malay). Some people, especially the Javanese people, believe that one can call her by singing some old javanese song and her presence is signed by the sound of chick or a lady’s giggle.They say if the sound is faint, she is close. But if the sound is loud, she is far.

Now I don’t know the words of that old javanese song, neither can I sing it. But I heard it once, and it is indeed, a very, very eerie song. 

So 2 nights ago, around 3am I woke up because I felt the heat got me. I opened my eyes and realized that the electricity had been down, that’s why my air conditioner was not working. I got up from my bed and out of my room, and I realized that I was alone. I live in a dorm, on the second floor, and at that time no one was there except me. Not thinking of anything, I went down to the first floor where the electricity box is to try to turn on the switch. Something happened, and the electricity wouldn’t turned on, even after I turned the switch on. I gave up after several tries, and climb back to my room.

While I laid there in my bed, feeling uncomfortable because of the heat, I heard something. The sound was very faint, I didn’t realize it at the first time. But the more I try to focus to that song, the more I got scared. It was the Kuntilanak song. At first it was very faint, but then it went louder, and then it went faint again. Just as someone sang it from the distance, come closer, and went away.

Not long after that, around 1 or 2 minutes after I heard the song, I heard something from outside my window. It was the chirp of a chick. It was a very faint sound. Mind you, there is no pet chicken in my dorm neither the surrounding area.

I pull my cover up to my head and not moving even though I was perspiring inside the cover because of the heat and i couldn’t sleep until the sun comes up and suddenly the electricity miraculously working again.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey:  I’m really glad the power came back on!  I did some googling and found a page about the song, “lingsir wengi”.  Not one I’d be singing anytime soon! 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!