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Rae Submitted:

Black Bird

It was a normal late night and I was getting ready for bed. It didn’t take me too long to fall into a deep sleep once I hit the pillow. It felt like instantly that I started to dream. Dreams I don’t remember much of once I woke up. Out of all of them I had only vividly remembered one.

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I witnessed an exorcism before. It was horrifying. 4 workers from a shoe factory in our street just went wild. My dad and some of the other dads had to restrain them and bring them to a large church for the exorcism. The priest had a hard time, I think he was even thinking "Holy shit is this really happening---" all throughout the incident.
Is there a website you can go to that tells you people that lived in a certain house, or died in the house? Because I'm 95% sure my old house was haunted (I would hear strange voices saying my name, once saw a strange figure, etc) and I thought that might give more insight

hmmm your best bet is to look at your city archives ? usually they would have a website (they have one here but idk if youre from ireland mate) if not ask your city council place

then when you find the list of names who lived there just do a long google search and see if there was any deaths or murders

i did it for my house and i found out some spooky things so i was like oh about it but good luck !

Thank you for maintaining this page so well, I'm always so interested to read your followers' stories! I got a job recently as a paranormal tour guide, doing tours in my city downtown, and I'm excited to see if I gather any interesting personal anecdotes. I've heard a few fascinating myths already!

omg congrats on the job!! im so jealous mate

best luck to ya in your new job! :-) and thanks could have not done it without the mods!

I have read your whole blog, I always ignore this blog for a while so I can come back and read a bunch of stories until I'm caught up. I get more scared by multiple stories than one at a time! And hello to the new mods, this blog gets so many submissions... thank you for helping give us all the best scary stories! And of course thank you to original owner of the blog for keeping this going for so long!

the mods and i say thank you very much anon :-)

You got an anon a while back saying about an exorcism in Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry. My mum used to work in ward 24 which closed down due to it being old and stuff but she told me she reckons it's because most of the old people and their families and some of the staff constantly complained about hearing noises and seeing things move and seeing the 'shadowy man'. She doesn't know if the exorcism is true or not though.

thanks for the info!! i try my best to find out about that but it was not in the news or anything. i even asked my friend who lives in derry (i live not so far from it.)

▶ The Maid


I didn’t experience the stories I keep myself, but I’ve heard them from about 4 different people who were said to expirience it together or just passing them down, some of them seem pretty unbelievable but I’ve heard it from 4 people so I don’t know what to think. I first heard it from my mother, then I asked my great-uncle, then my grandmother, then my great-grandmother (the mother of my great-uncle and grandmother). I don’t think this is a frightening story but it has no explanation and maybe someone will see this and give me one. The location where this takes place is in a town called Chinique, its in the city of Quiche, Guatemala. My great-grandfather was said to be particularly wealthy compared to most in the town, so he had a maid for he and my great-grandmother. Every morning the food they had would disappear, some crumbs here and there but they had to buy food or kill their farm animals everyday because of this.

Thinking a homeless person snuck in to eat their food, my great-grandfather stayed up to see for himself. In the middle of the night he heard something so he got out of his room and saw a pig eating all the food. He thought, “maybe I can kill it and we can eat it for tomorrow since we have no food again,” and he brought it to one of those fenced areas where he kept animals. The next morning he went to go get the pig, it was gone and in its place was the maid sleeping. I don’t know how a person could turn into a pig or if that’s what happened but there’s many unexplained things in this world.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: I’m actually not entirely sure what that could be- aside from thinking the usual “shape shifter”. Its def  weird as hell though. 4/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

▶ 15 minutes more


I haven’t had too many paranormal things happen to me, but this is the one I remember best:

I live in Argentina, and over here there’s this sort of home-made Ouija board- like game called “el juego de la copa” (literally ‘the cup game’, even tho it’s played with a glass)…. You play it by writing down the whole alphabet and yes/no/hello/goodbye in paper strips and lay them down on the floor or table, then you use a glass cup, the kind that have a base and support- think of a wine cup, but it’d provably be best to use one with a narrower mouth… everyone puts their fingers on the upside-down glass’ support and make circles with the cup in between the letters/commands until you start getting an answer.

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▶ The Demon of the Winding Street


My dad told me that before he met my mom, he was the type of guy who partied all the time. He was in his 20s when this event took place.

One night, his car broke down and he called the company to come and tow it away. He called his brother asking for a ride, so my uncle took him to his place. A few hours later, my dad said that he had to get home but my uncle told him that he should just spend the night. My dad being stubborn, told him that he really needed to get home. My uncle again protested, saying that he knows something bad would happen that night.

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▶ Floating Face

Anonymous submitted: 

First, I would like to apologize for my grammatical errors.

I was 16 years old when I had this nightmare in the same house I am currently living in but in a different room.  My old room is small and there are seven windows in the room.  My bed was placed against the wall where all the windows are. My parents’ room is about 10 steps away.

In the nightmare, I was watching myself sleep.  It is really hard to explain but it felt like I was having an outer body experience.  I will refer to this other me as “Jenny” because it can get very confusing.

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Smoking Buddy

This has happened to me on two occasions; the second time was the other night, which freaked me out enough to prompt me to submit.  

Sometimes at night I take a walk up my street to have a smoke break (my mom hates it that I smoke).  I usually try to make it quick because I tend to get an uneasy feeling at my smoking spot, particularly at night.  I had always blamed it on paranoia.  

Anyway, one night I finished my cigarette, so I stubbed it out completely (I’m paranoid about fire) and got up from my spot on the curb.  Something caught my eye, and I looked down to see a cigarette butt, still glowing as if someone had just finished it and flicked it onto the ground.  The first time I was a little weirded out, but assumed I just hadn’t extinguished the embers, and put it out.  But then it happened again.  This time I realized that the cigarette was laying in a different spot than where I had crushed the last one.  Both times I had only smoked one cigarette.  I couldn’t get home fast enough. I can’t say I’ll be smoking after dark any time soon.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: Yikes, that’s really creepy. 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

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I live in Northern Minnesota, believed to be one of the main residential places for this creature. The Windigo, who’s name I am only now daring to type his name now that there is substantial amounts of snow on the ground, is a terrible being.

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