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The paranormal has been a part of my family since I was very young, I am very into mythology and lore. My mother would share dreams she had that turned out to symbolize events that would happen. Also We would place books in the middle of the table or magazines on the dresser and you’d look at…



I’ve mentioned both of these before I’m sure, but here we go again; paranormal experiences revisited. 

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▶ FYEAHNIGHTMARES OWNER Full List of paranormal experiences i have been through


I’ll sort them through ages 

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hello. blog owner here. 

me and the mods are doing a write up in our full experiences in the paranormal. will post them via our blogs and reblog soon. 

▶ The Childhood Home


I have followed this blog for a long time and feel it’s about time to share a story of my own.

This happened at the house I lived in previously; I spent most of my childhood there. It was on Vancouver Island, BC.

The house always had this weird sort of energy to it; my friends were usually afraid to come over. There were sounds of people walking about when you knew nobody else was there, and you’d see things out of the corner of your eye. The standard sort of creepy stuff.

But as time went on, more bizarre things happened.

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▶ Come Out And Play


Okay, so my younger cousin and I are about seven years apart, give or take a few months. I basically see her as my younger sibling, considering I’m an only child, and so my mom would always leave me at my aunt’s house to spend time with them.

When I was ten (my cousin was three) my mom decided to let me sleep over at my aunt’s house. Being that the house already creeped me out for some particular reason, I had a little trouble getting into bed, but eventually I fell asleep.

Then, out of nowhere, I woke up. My cousin was fast asleep next to me, and her nightlight was plugged into the wall, so it wasn’t completely dark in the room. I leaned over to take a sip of water when I noticed the time—three in the morning.

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I don’t really have a title for this, I feel that titles kinda take away the realness of a story. Anyways, I could tell you hundreds of creepy stories of things that have happened to me, but to this day this is one that truly scares me. ((I’m sorry if I sound like I’m rambling))

I used to live in a big two story house, old maybe 100 or so years old. I lived with my mom, my two sisters, and my stepfather. 

My sister was at a church camp and my mom and my baby sister were with her. My stepfather was at work and usually worked until about 6 or 7. So I was home alone, the only other living things there were the outside pets. I was sitting in the living room reading a book and listening to music. The living room is on the second story next to the kitchen. The kitchen is built so that you can lean over and see the stairs going down and at the bottom of the stairs is the heavy front door. As I was sitting there I heard the front door open and shut and then I heard really heavy footsteps starting up the stairs. I thought it was my step dad so I got up to say hey. I looked over the kitchen railing first and saw that the front door was shut and locked and that no one was coming up the stairs, and yet the steps kept coming. I went to the top of the stairs and waited for whatever was coming up. But as soon as the steps hit the stair that creaked, they stopped and never started back up. 

I didn’t go downstairs until my family came home. That was the first of many scary things to happen in that house and by God I’m glad I don’t live there anymore. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical Answered: ho damn. I’ll just tag this as untitled and will do so with others of the same nature. 6/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

▶ Jefferey


A few years ago I went on a trip to Oklahoma City. The trip was fine but after I got back I noticed my wallet was missing. That’s when strange things started happening around my house.

Now, I can only assume that what caused the events was a poltergeist, because at the time I was reading a book about ghosts, poltergeists, and other things of paranormal nature. The book said that poltergeists are attracted to negitive energy which I had plenty of because, like I said, I had lost my wallet.

The first unusual thing that happened was one night my father and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and all of the sudden the ceiling fan started spinning. No one had touched it and it wasn’t switched on.

Then, a few nights later something else happened. Once again it was just my father and I in the living room watching TV when we heard what sounded like a plastic bag rustling followed by something hitting the floor in the kitchen. There was a sack of groceries on the counter and we figured that our cat had jumped onto the counter and knocked it off. So I went to go check it out and pick up the groceries that I assumed were now now scattered on the floor. Upon entering the kitchen, the first thing I noticed was that the groceries were still in the sack on the counter. That in and of itself struck me as odd, considering what we had heard so plainly and clearly, but what really freaked me out was the cabinets. Every single one of them was open.

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▶ Queen Mary


(Queen Mary ghost girl (Long Beach, CA)

One of the most haunted hotels on record, the Queen Mary has a number of psychic “hot spots.” This historic ocean liner is now permanently docked, but the ghostly activity continues. The hotel offers haunted history tours, so call ahead to reserve your spot.

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▶ Sports Ghost

Sports Ghost

So about two years ago, in February of 2012, one of my neighbors in my neighborhood died. 

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▶ The Moore


So, I’ve always been a relatively open minded person, paranormal phenomena is nothing new to me, and honestly I’m pretty difficult to frighten. My sister (for the sake of the story let’s just call her D) and I occasionally enjoy doing some paranormal investigating of our own.  And, before I start my story, it is important to know that my campus (Western Carolina University) is known for being rather haunted.

Here is a link for the full story… http://www.virtualblueridge.com/parkway/special/haunted-places.asp.

So, here it goes…

The Moore building always seemed out of place to me. It stood on top of a hill, in a sleepy section of campus, shielded by several ancient oak trees. The architecture its self was  diverse, it seemed deep-rooted, with it sweeping arches and solid brick pathways…that place always held a peculiar air about it. My freshmen year I had a class in it and I still distinctly remember the bleary, cold, early mornings that I sat in the hallway, waiting for the rest of my class to appear…the atmosphere always felt unusually heavy. As if someone were observing me -even if no one was around- that feeling would remain.

So, one evening, last autumn, D and I decided to explore Moore that-due to the construction of a new Health and Human services building- had stood vacant for over a year. After we managed to sneak inside, I was shocked by how unorderly it looked. Normally when a building is left unused all the equipment is packed out but the inside of Moore looked as if everyone had left in a state of panic or disarray. Papers were strewn about, chairs, desks, and lab equipment…it looked like (and I am sorry if this offensive to anyone) what I imagine Chernobyl must have. As if everyone stopped what they were doing, got up, and simply left.

As D and I ventured throughout the building, I felt the unexplainable but undeniable weight of a something inspecting us. It was suffocating, like humidity on a hot summer day, it lingered over me, and D seemed oblivious to it. When we eventually got to the third floor, I wanted out of there, the hairs on the back of my neck were standing on end and my sister’s offhand nature was grating on my nerves. How could she be so relaxed? I felt like I was choking, the pressure was so intense, it was relentless.

Finally, we ventured back down and that is when we noticed it. A staircase leading casually into the vast darkness of Moore’s basement. I saw fear dawn on her face then, as if she finally understood, that this place was very much alive and vigilant to us being there. As we looked on into the yawning blackness, I asked her if she wanted to go down and not surprisingly she said no.

I wish I could say something incredible happened, but nothing did. I wish I could explain why I was so fearful, but I cannot.  It is, after all, just an empty building. Yet beyond a doubt, I know there is something there…something watching. 

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: Creepy. I’d definitely be staying away from then on! 5/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

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▶ My Mother has Cough Attacks


For as long as I can remember, my mother has had a lung problem which leads to her coughing a lot and having cough attacks. 

Ever since I was around 7, my mom would leave me and my sisters (8 and 12 at the time) at home by ourselves. We were very used to her coughing all the time. We were mostly comfortable staying at home without her for a few hours everyday.

Our mudroom is on the other side of the wall of her bathroom, yet in order to get there you have to walk through the kitchen, dining room, living room, and her bedroom. The fact that they share a wall makes the sound travel incredibly well.

Often, we would be playing in the mudroom while my mother would be getting ready for the day, so we would hear her coughing quite loudly. Every so often, we would be home alone and playing in the mudroom when we would hear her clearly coughing. Thinking she was home, we would walk through the house to go see her in the bathroom. More often than not, she would not be in there.

I can’t explain it. We all heard it plain as day. I still sometimes think about it today.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: Very interesting. 5/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.

Ages ok I send you a personal encounter that really upset me greatly but it never got published in the months since I send it... I wonder if you thought it was a fluke or creepypasta or something like that or if I just didn't see it posted...

Not likely- Its MORE likely that we just haven’t reached it yet or maybe it was eaten by Tumblr! Either way, you’re welcome to resend it- just in case it got eaten. OR maybe you didn’t see it.

As I mentioned to another anon- in the event that it WAS posted and you just didn’t see it- if you know what your story contained you can have a search though our tags to see if you can find it.

The blog owner and my fellow mod have both been very, very busy with their IRL stuff lately and I just got here! My best advice is to be patient though, when we’re back on the rails properly it’ll probably pop up if its not already on the blog. 

-Mod Inimical