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i cant be scary if im wearing a hat

wait nvm


i cant be scary if im wearing a hat

Miranda submitted:

The haunting

I was like 5 years old and this happened for 7 years till we moved out. The first time we moved in, nothing really happened. The second night, I saw this guy wearing one of those scientists jackets . He had on glasses and a mustache and he smelled like mushrooms . I thought it was my imagination but it wasn’t he tried to touch my face but I yelled my 2 sisters woke up and they didn’t see anything. my mom gave me water and went back to sleep. My neighbors kept hearing footsteps from our house & dogs when we weren’t home but we didn’t even have animals. My mom told my landlord if anything happened in our house and she said an old guy used to leave here and he died in my sisters room . We decided to move out because it also caused badluck. Ever since we moved out, we heard some new people moved in but they kept feeling someone was watching them so they moved out. No one ever did live in that house ever again. Our new house is better than the old one and that’s all …

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod answered: 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.

We are Moving after this

My husband and I have been in our little apartment for almost two years now.  It’s super cozy, and just what newlyweds need. 

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i made a movie list account 

reblogging here from my main blog 

its new so ill be updating it for a while and ill add it to the faq list when people ask what my fav horrors are

this is going to sound REALLY dumb compared to all these scary stories but I had a guinea pig named max when I was younger, like 5 or 6 years old and he was my first pet, and when he died i cried for days. for a few nights after that i used to see a small lump in my blankets moving around but when I lifted the sheets nothing was there. I think my guinea pig visited me *u* only ghost story i have hahaha


can someone please start a fucknonightmares blog as a support group for all the people who read the stories on here late at night and then can never sleep again


Can you post the link for the 10/10 stories please??? Thank you! :)

theyre on the side of the blog on categories 

remember to read the faq before sending me a wee ask 

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Anon Submitted:
Train Boy

This story is more unexplainable and strange than scary, but I thought you might enjoy it. 

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Thank you for this blog you run. I've been having a terrible week with my family and this always reminds me that there are bigger things to be scared about. And scaring myself is one of my hobbies. Keep up the good work.

aw im sorry about your family hope things get better 

The Hidden Door

I grew up in a small town in Massachusetts that had a lot of old houses from the colonial period. One of my childhood friends happened to live on those houses, just down the road from the town cemetery. My friend’s house, while very colonial looking on the outside, had a lot of renovations so the interior was pretty modern. One of these renovations had the attic re-purposed into a playroom/guest room, where we would usually sleep during sleepovers.

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