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1 - Why is my story not on your blog?

I get too many stories submitted to me a day, I try my best to read through all of them so it takes me some time.

Please do not hassle me and be rude to me if your story is not posted!! I have too many to read through. Only one person is mod of this blog so please be patient

2 - I don’t like your rating on my story.

Please do not get too angry with my scare rating on your story. I only post good stories on my blog, all the stories are good if they are there. I only rate stories out of ten as a warning to let readers know how scary it is going to be. 

3 - How do I submit a story to you as Anon?

Log out of tumblr and give your email addres but a fake name, then submit your story. OR without logging out you can send me your story and request it to be ‘submitted by anon.’ Your email address won’t be post too the public. Don’t worry. 

4-Where is this /post/ page?

 Use the search bar on the blog.  There is also a link to a page called ‘Categories .’ This page contains a bunch of tags which I laid out for your reading pleasure.

5 - Who are you and where are you from?

Send asks to my main blog here.

If you want to know about the mods all their blog links are on the main page of the blog. 

6 - I don’t believe in ghosts. Most of this stuff is not even true!

Everyone has a right to their own opinion! Some people do some people don’t. Its alright. 

7 - What are your favorite horror movies?

my list is here.

And some others that I can’t think about. )-:

8 - What are your favorite scary or horror books?

I have a lot of books on ghost stories and tales. Or anything by Stephen King.

9- Other blogs like yours?


10- That post you posted is a hoax.

If a post was submitted to me and it was claimed to be real then proven fake:


If you clicked the source and the post does not show on my page? It means that I’ve removed it. 

11- Promote my blog?

Unless I already follow it!

12 - Why are you not answering my questions? 

If you’re an non-anon I am more than likely too answer you!! I try my best to not spam the blog with too many anon asks. Don’t be shy!

13- Why is there no creepy pasta or Slender Man stories?

I don’t post that kind of stuff. Just paranormal stories ONLY. I do not post stories that people have made up, thank you. 

14- Why do you not post murder stories?

Not really my thing. I am into crime and stuff but I don’t find them creepy in my point of view, just disturbing. If you want to read about crime stories or as such there is plenty of true crime blogs out there! I prefer Nightmares to be about mostly the paranormal and the unexplained. And the odd creepy animal or two. 

15- How do I know when you rate stories and not the side mod’s?

When I rate stories the rating section is just called, “Fuck Yeah Nightmares Answered:” When its the mod its, “Fuck Yeah Nightmares (Mod’s Nickname.) Answered:”. Usually they’ll tag posts as their nicknames. Otherwise, they’re all me. 

16- What are your experiences in the paranormal?