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▶ Twin Sister


I just saw your doppelgänger section and it reminded me of two things that happened to my mum and I when my family lived in rural Australia.

We lived in a pretty old house on acreage, and weird stuff happened sometimes. Our salt shakers would move, and the cat used to watch things move that we couldn’t see, but since I was a kid I ignored a lot of it.

She was standing at the sink, washing vegetables and looking out into the yard. Suddenly, my little sister, Kate, came through the back door. She stared at mum for a minute, then turned away. My mum turned around and asked Kate where she was going, but she ignored her. Mum watched her walk across the kitchen into the laundry. She followed Kate into the laundry, but she was gone. My mum was scared she might have gotten into the washing machine, so she searched the laundry but couldn’t find her.

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▶ Turn the lights off

anonymous submitted: 

Ok so this story takes place in my house(15 years old , we are the first owners, no ones died here). Ok so me and my friend(A) we’re having a sleep over in my room. Basically, my room is a square . It has four walls, the door is in the middle of two of the walls . On one side is my closet and my light switch. And on the other is my bed(twin). So me and my friend were talking until about 1 am and then we went to sleep. Since there isn’t enough room in my bed for the two of us.

I slept on the floor right against my closet and in reaching distance to the light switch. (I made a nest on the floor). But my room has always given me the creeps. Like the vibes in this room are allways off, so I never sleep in here. Anyways. We didn’t turn the light all the way off b/c of the vibes. So it was dim.

We were both fine with it like that. So around 2:30 or 3 (pretty sure it was like 3) but I randomly woke up . And A was staring at me. So I was like wtf, but i didn’t think anything of it until she said”TURN THE LIGHT OFF” she didn’t tell it, it was just in this super stern voice (which is super out of character) so I was just like “no” and I checked the time and then just went back to sleep. So I didn’t over think it or anything until in the morning when A Was like “why did you turn off the light.” And then I was like “I didnt”. Then I told her my side of the story . And we bother know that we were awake , and we both don’t remember what the other person said happend. It was just werid , and what’s even weirder , is the light was still on.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Inimical answered: Pretty Weird. 4/10 for scares! Thanks for sharing.


Shadow Man

About a year ago during the summer I was sitting on my couch around midnight watching tv. It was really dark in my house, and the only light source was from the tv and the lights on the ceiling fan.I noticed something weird happening to my tv. At first I thought the tv was breaking because we had just had our desktop go on the fritz, but it had gone as soon as I’d noticed it. It was a dark fuzzy shadow on the tv. At first it was right in the middle of it, but then it had moved off to the right enough that it wasn’t “blocking” the tv anymore. After it had moved away from the tv I had forgotten about it, but about a minuet later I noticed the same shadow in front of my very dimly lit wall.

Then I realized it took the exact shape of a man and it was walking right toward me.

I wasn’t afraid exactly, but all I could do was look at it while it continued walking toward me. I had eventually chalked up enough courage to ask what it wanted, but I guess once it realized I could see it, it kinda took a step back then dissipated. 

I live in a relatively new home in California and I had never had anything like this happen in all of my years of living here. I have no clue what or who it could have been and I haven’t seen it since.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: That is strange, 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!


Little Brother

Here is one of the many personal ghost stories I have. I don’t mind if you believe it or not, but, it happened.

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▶ It Wasn’t My Mom


This story is kind of long, sorry :S

My family used to rent different houses on Cape Cod to vacation in over the summer (usually staying in the mid-Cape) and about 6 years ago, we rented one in Barnstable, one of the older towns. The second week we stayed at this house, my friend came to spend the week with us. On the second or third night, there was a particularly severe thunderstorm (which was AWESOME) with lots of lightning.

I woke up and was kneeling at my window to watch and film the storm (I wanted to get good photos of lightning like I saw on Weather Channel or NatGeo) while my friend was in the other bed. We were on the second floor. I turned around because i thought I heard one of the box fans knock over. I saw a dark figure standing in the doorway of the bathroom (my room, the bathroom, and my parents’ room were all at the top of the stairs). The bathroom light was on, but it didn’t illuminate whoever it was in the doorway. But since I didn’t have my glasses on, I assumed it was my mom. When the storm had moved on, I went back to sleep. No big deal.

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▶ Baby in the Field


This happened to a friend of mine. She grew up in Brazil and moved to North America when she was 10.

While living in Brazil, she attended an elementary school that was surrounded by a forest that the kids would go to play in during breaks between classes, even though it was off the school limits and they could get in trouble. 

She and her friends decided to go out into the forest one day, and as they went through it, they came across a large clearing among the trees. It was circular, the size of a soccer field, and in the middle of it, there was a small shack with two windows.

They approached the shack and looked inside. It was dark and clearly used for storage, with old gardening equipment and other knickknacks. And among all these things was a bassinet.

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My Da’

Sorry this one isn’t so much scary, but it’s nice. 

My Da’ passed away when I was six years old. He died of an unexpected heart attack in the middle of the night.

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Uncle Mike

I did not experience this for myself; my grandmother, who is perfectly well and no-nonsense did.

Before I was born, about fourty years ago, my grandmother’s brother Mike died.

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▶ Dont Jump On the Bed


Roughly thirteen years ago I lived in a two story apartment. It was by no means old, or in any way creepy. The neighborhood was a shit pit but as I wasn’t much for playing outside as a kid so I never really dealt with that. It was summer, it had to be as it was early morning and I wasn’t in school. However my parents were both at work and I had free reign of the entire place.

So naturally I explored my parents’ bedroom. I found nothing too interesting (barring my dads porn collection) so I resigned myself to jumping up and down on their king size bed. It wasn’t actually a bed just a few huge mattresses stacked on top of one another. While I was bouncing with what I can only imagine was childish glee my eyes unconsciously took in their room. It was small and wall to wall band flags and posters.  With the exception of one, thin, and very tall, mirror. 

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Thanks for sharing your stories guys! Keep up with the blog!

no problem!! :-)

She’s at work

This happened to me a few days ago, in my parents’ house, but it isn’t the first experience I’ve had here.

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I have a small question, is there any way to search by username within the blog? (as in, posts by a specific tumblr user)?

no. though i could add this feature if you want me too? its mostly just sorted by ufo, ghost, poltergeist, unknown and so on

though the mods have staring to tag the stories with what rating it is. 

 people can find their stories better by using google by searching your url and the blogs url and it should show up!