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in the mood for some haunted/curse objects, paintings  and dolls?

▶ The Anguished Man



Sean Robinson says he has been experiencing strange activity that he thinks might be caused by a strange painting he owns called “The Anguished Man.” He says he has even recorded some of the phenomena. Here is his latest report:

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The Teddy Bear

This probably isn’t the scariest story out there, but this is the scariest thing to happen to my friends and I so here we go. I was at the park with two of my friends and my little brother when we noticed a shoe box on top of the platform they use to keep scores for the baseball diamond. As we approached the box, we noticed a teddy bear inside of it. Quite frankly, the bear looked brand new. Not dirty, not ripped, it looked like someone had just bought it. Us being ignorant kids we wondered why someone would leave a perfectly fine teddy bear. We all wanted to keep it, so we divided the time so each of us all got a week with it. The whole time all of us had this bear, it rained.

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Miss Nightmares, I have missed you!! How are you doing?

im doing great! i have a personal blog for personal questions  anything non paranormal goes there :-) 

Comforting Touch

My great grandparents owned a plot of land in a forested area and had built a tiny cabin there, not big enough for much more than a cot or two, but the loved it, my great grandma especially. When they died they left it to my grandpa who promptly brought a larger trailer up there so staying there could be more comfortable, however my grandpa refused to allow dogs in the trailer. So whenever I went up with my parents, we would keep the dogs in the cabin overnight and one of us would sleep with them.

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What do you reccommend to people too afraid to type their shit

say hehe in a deep manly voice 

Are the stories people post on here actually real things that happens to them???

they are on what you believe it to be 

people have experienced all kinds of the unexplained 

though i do not judge those who do not beleive in the paranormal! many followers would follow the blog because they enjoy reading the stories or have an intreset of peoples experiences within the unknown 

its up to you if you want to beleive 

When I was little I would always ask about the man with the red curly hair and what he was doing in my room, apparently not to startle me my mom said it was my imagination. Years later when I asked about the man with the red hair my mom told me that it was my uncle nick who had passed away a month or so before I was born.


Have you guys ever had an imaginary 'friend' story submitted? I looked in the categories but I'm not sure which category it could be in IF you guys have any.

hmmm not that i can remember!! i should start this as a new tag :-) 

i’ll alert the mods to do so 

in my paranormal experience i had an ‘imaginary’ friend too when i was five years old and described to my mother every detail of the man i kept seeing who stood in the corner 

I have a very short story so I'll send it in an ask. My friend was talking to me about pulling a harmless prank on one of our friends and we heard someone say in a gentle but stern voice "don't do that , it's not nice". We were home alone

what a nice ghost 

Hello! I was wondering how you get mods on here? I would be super interested in becoming one, however I totally understand if this isn't viable! Super interesting blog! One of the only spooky blogs I actually get scares from. Thanks!

two of the mods are people ive known for a very long time 

the other has an interest and knowledge of the paranormal and lores (my friends do so as well) 

at the moment i do not need anymore but mods come and go so who knows 

thanks for the offer though! you are very kind to help me run my blog :-) <3

My First Cat

Maybe not very scary, but I know there’s a ghost in a house I used to rent with my parents.

Several years ago, I had a cat. He was the first pet I ever owned, and was practically my best friend; he slept on my bed and everything. Despite being a bit of a troublemaker, my parents managed to negotiate with our landlord at the time to keep him. One day, he was bitten by a snake and died while we were trying to get him to the vet. We ended up burying him at home in the garden.

Nothing much happened for several years, but eventually I started noticing a tail vanishing around a corner or something soft brushing on my ankles or legs. A few times I swore I could hear a cat meowing, but we had a lot of strays in the neighborhood so I dismissed it. Sometimes the birds in our backyard would all suddenly fly off inexplicably, and things would fall off of shelves and tables, especially clothing - which was something my cat used to do a lot.

Probably the two most obvious experiences were at night. One time, I got up to get a drink of water when something grabbed my ankle. It scratched me up pretty badly - just like my cat used to do. My Dad said the same thing had happened to him several times when he was up late, and that he was sure something had jumped up on the bed sometimes while he and Mum were sleeping.

Another time, I had some music on while I was doing homework. All of a sudden, my stereo’s volume started turning up, and even when I tried to turn it down it kept going up until I turned it off; when I turned it off all of my pencils fell off of my desk even though they weren’t anywhere near the edges. My cat had often played with the volume dial on the stereo, and more than once had turned it up full-blast by accident and startled himself.

We moved out a few years ago, and my Mum told me yesterday that she had met the person who was now living in the house. She was at the pet shop and was complaining about her dog’s strange behaviour to the cashier - apparently, he would sometimes bark at corners of the house, and had several times seemed to chase something into one of the rooms, only to come running back out whimpering minutes later. Maybe we should have warned her that my cat hated dogs.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: aww that’s actually sweet. 6/10 for scares and thanks for sharing!

The Void House

Years and years ago, my uncle and I went to my cousin’s house to drop something off. It was a few days before Christmas, so they had a tree up in the living room. As soon as I entered, I got the weirdest feeling, like I had never felt before. The hallway was dark too, with her son’s room at the end. As I stood there while they talked, I could not make myself look down the hall or at the tree anymore. For some reason, I felt like I would see a threatening man sitting under it or in the bedroom. It’s really hard to explain, but I saw an image in my mind of a man, completely black with no features or clothes, sitting under the tree. I felt so… off in that house, but the feeling is impossible to explain.

It turns out, my cousin called it the Void House or something similar, and there was always spooky stuff going on. Her son had nightmares and swore he saw something perched on the foot of his bed. She said she saw a woman “teleporting” around the field behind the house at night. Even my uncle, who refuses any sort of supernatural anything, felt really off in the house and wanted out as fast as the rest of us.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: Wow that’s eerie. 8/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.